Review: Soap & Glory SlimWear

This is my second bottle of Soap & Glory's SlimWear. One would think that means I am a fan, but it was quite a long time ago that I used it last, and when I spotted it in Boots last time I thought I'd give it another go. If nothing else it's a bit of a fun product to try, it probably won't work and I'll have something to write a review on for you guys.

My last experience with a thigh firming lotion was Soap & Glory's The Firminator - click  here for review -. It was a nice enough experience, but nothing I fell in love with. Soap & Glory have a third puff drainer, called SitTight, I have used this before as well, but think I might re-purchase and do a review on that too at some point.

SlimWear's selling points are that it firms, contours and smooths the skin. However, in even bigger pink letters it claims to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Directions say to massage this into the skin every morning after your shower. Now, I  don't really have cellulite. I have one annoying dimple on my thigh, and I have to say that I have not noticed a change in it's appearance at all, unfortunately. Soap & Glory has put a disclaimer on the bottle explaining that this is not a free ride to weight loss and that you will also need a healhy diet and exercise to see results, but I don't think anyone thought otherwise. Cellulite doesn't automatically mean you need to loose weight either, so while I do see the connection, I also kind of don't. If they claim their product helps reduce the appearance of cellulites, then cellulite should be less visible after using almost the whole bottle, regardless of exercise and diet. Having said that, I do exercise and keep a healthy diet, and I still didn't see results.

The lotion is green, smells minty and sinks into the skin quite well. It doesn't heat up like The Firminator does. In the end, my somewhat suprising conclusion is that SlimWear is a fun enough product to use, but I don't see myself re-purchasing this. It does absolutely nothing, for me anyway, and I'd rather slap on a nice body lotion with some skin benefits and nice smell. The somewhat suprising bit is that I am now slightly more impressed with The Firminator. I'm not sure if it's the heating up part that makes the difference, or what it is, but I did see more results with it. Then again, maybe my body was just responding differently as I was on a bit of a different diet at the time. I do have a sneaking suspicion somehwere that the bottles may actually contain the exact same green minty smelling lotion in just different packaging, and so I don't want to go out on a limb saying The Firminator is better, but it did work slightly better for me. For whatever reason.


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