Review: YSL Top Secrets Flash Radiance Skincare Brush

I have fond memories of using this primer years ago, when it had just been released. I used it with YSL's then revolutionary Perfect Touch foundation, that also comes with a brush attached, and I have to say the results really were quite impressive, if my memory serves me correct. The latter is what I have been wondering for quite some time, and so I thought I'd give the primer another go.

The primer is ment to make skin more radiant and to help fill in pores and fine lines with it's silicone based formula. It has a bit of a smell to it, I can only describe it as a "clean" smell, but in a good way,  not the cleaning product "clean" smell. I don't think personally that the smell is very overpowering, and compared to other scented makeup products, I don't see this being problematic for many prospective buyers, but if you are very smell sensitive I do advice having a whiff in-store before making a purchase.

Directions say to apply the product onto cleansed skin, with the brush and to wait for two minutes before applying your makeup. Now, I initially applied this with my hands, not using the brush. It worked fine, when I  had time to let the primer sink in. I would apply the primer, and then do other chores around the house, or maybe pick out my outfit, pack my bag, do my hair, something like that. This ment I would certainly leave the primer on for much longer than 2 minutes and when I applied my foundation on top it really did apply quite nicely. It was not the best primer I had ever used, but it did fill in my pores and when combined with YSL's Teint Radiance Foundation the two provided a very nice and radiant result.

Fast forward to me one morning before work, in a bit of a hurry. I applied the primer, using my fingers, and went and brushed my teeth. My toothbrush has a clock so I know I did leave it to sink in for 2 minutes, plus a few seconds more. That morning my foundation did not apply like a dream. The primer balled up when I applied foundation on top of it. The primer seemed to just sit on top of my skin and so the foundation did the same. It was not a good look.

I have put the pink dot to make it easier to remember which side is open and shut, the brush doesn't come with it.

I put the primer away and went back to my tried and tested staples up until  a few days ago when I wanted to give it another try. This time I followed the directions and applied the primer with the brush. That did make a massive difference. The application of the primer was a lot more even, and thinner, and with waiting for quite a while to let it sink in (I styled my hair) my foundation went on all nice and glowy on top.

You might be wondering why I didn't use the brush to begin with? In all honesty; I hate the brush. I want them to re-package the primer, and the Perfect Touch Foundation and get rid of the brushes. They are unhygienic as you can't wash them properly and I really don't like putting it on my face. While the results were more impressive when applied with the brush, I'd much rater use a seperate foundation brush.

In terms of making your foundation stay on for longer, this doesn't help with that, at least not that I've noticed. That being said, my skin type is fairly normal with oily tendencies. I think if you have dry skin, this might help foundation stick for longer, and it is also for dry skinned people I would recommend the Radiance Skincare Brush, if to anyone. I should point out that YSL have a primer called Matt Touch that help keep oils at bay, that I have also heard great things about (haven't tried it myself so can't vouch for it though!), so if you have oilier skin you should have a look at that instead.

It's a good enough primer but I won't recommend it and I won't be buying it again. It's ok when you have a lot of time to wait around for it to get ready for make-up application, but there are so many great primers out there that are ready in a few seconds, without un-sanitary brushes attached and so I'd recommend looking elsewhere. All in all a rather underwhelming experience that I regret spending my money on.

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  1. Thanks for the information... however, would you put primer on the daily moisturizing cream or not?

    1. I would use this in combination with a daytime moisturiser, yes, f that's what you mean? :) x


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