Review: Lancome Gel Eclat

Lancome doesn't get much free press in the blogsphere and sometimes I wonder why. Especially their skincare which has quite the cult following. For years their skincare was the only products I'd let come anywhere near my face. After trying out a bunch of different skincare brands and products, and while I did discover some amazing stuff, I found myself missing some of my old staples, especially as I had pretty good skin when last using the brand. And so I went and picked up my old favorite, Gel Eclat, hoping it would still be as good as I remembered it to be.

They say smells can trigger memories. I'd say that's exactly what happened when I used this again for the first time. It's a very subtle smell and one I can only describe as 'clean' and perhaps a bit 'rosey'? The gel comes out of the tube as a white, kind of shiny and sticky formula. I like to dab a tiny bit of water onto my skin before massaging the gel onto my face. If I rub it onto dry skin I feel it tugs uncomfortably at my sensitive skin. A tiny bit of water, and I do mean just a tiny bit, helps with this. Let me also note that you need way less product than you think. I always forget this until I've used half the tube up, equally shocked every time as to how fast I've run out.

I like to think that the sticky formula clings to impurities in my pores and drags them out with it when washed off with water. This is of course probably just my imagination! To remove Gel Eclat I put my hands in running water and massage the gel over my face, mixing the water on my hands (again, just a little bit) with the gel, making a nice lather. It doesn't lather too much and I have never gotten it in my eyes.

The tube contains 125 ml or 4.2 FL. OZ of paraben-free wonder product that retails for £20.00 at Boots. Lancome says it's suitable for all skintypes, even sensitive, and I can only agree. It does a great job at keeping my skin clear, without being harsh or stripping it of moisture, and without irritating it in any way. I need to also point out that I do not remove my make up with this, I always have and always will remove my make up prior to cleansing my face, be that with a face wipe when travelling, or my trusted Bioderma cleansing water.

I can only recommend this cleanser. I absolutely love it and after this runs out (and I've used up all the cleansers I have lying around) I will re-purchase and re-purchase. I think I'll stick to this one until it stops working for me, which hopefully won't be for a very long time. It's the perfect cleanser for my skin!



  1. great review! xx


  2. I agree with what you say about Lancome not receiving much media/blogger attention, their products are lovely as I recently discovered! xx

    1. They really are, what was your recent product discovery? Would love to know!! :) x


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