The 100 Days Challenge

Yes, that's right. I'm doing it. As you will see when I start posting my most recent haul that I've found it necessary to split into 3 posts(!) I have acquired enough stuff. Today I decided I needed more storage for my makeup, but after having moved it all into three additional new droors, I still needed more space. It became clear to me that I have quite enough and more than anyone would ever need. I have every color of eyeshadow and blush and bronzer I need. I might like to have others, and that's where all of my problems begin, but I have more than enough to last me a very long time and there are other, more important things, I should be saving for.

Now for the rules. I am not zeroing down to 1 foundation, 1 powder etc. No. Foundation especially is one point where I am going to be the most lenient towards spending money. I have plenty at the moment, 8 plus 1 BB cream and 1 Tinted Moisturizer. It should be plenty to last me 100 days, at least, but... If none of the shades I own match my skintone or the ones that do start breaking me out or just simply not working to the point where I just can't get it to look nice.. Then I am allowed to do thorough research and invest in one new foundation. Having a proper foundation is so important and I feel that without a good base I can have all the nicest makeup in the world to put on top, but it won't look good.

Beyond that I am not spending any money unless I am out. That applies to obvious things such as only one mascara, one black eyeliner, one brown eyeliner.. etc. The point is: I need to have a working collection. As long as I have everything I need when applying makeup that's enough. That being said, there are a few things I have already let myself indulge in during the 100 days;

1. The Golden Savannah 5 Couleurs Palette from Dior's Fall collection. Why? Well, because my all time favourite eyeshadows are my 734 Grege palette and the only reason I have only the one is because all of the other palettes don't have color combinations where I feel I would get to use all of them. Golden Savannah however, seems to and so I will try and get my hands on one and I think that's a worthy investment. It might not live up to my expectations in real life though. I'm not even sure if I hope it does or not to be honest!

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation. As you will know have you read my review, I have seriously fallen in love with this foundation. I wanted to buy it at the airport on the way back from France, but they were sold out of my shade; Intensity 2.0. I will be looking to buy this as soon as I am next at an Estee Lauder counter.

3. Shoes. I have a closet full of ballet flats, flat boots and platform heels and my back, knees and hips have started suffering. I need to invest in some well soled shoes before I ruin myself for good. I have already bought one new pair of shoes that I love and think it's a good investment to buy a second one.

4. A Macbook Pro. I am starting school in august and have no laptop. My iMac is also getting old and slow so I am in serious need of a new computer. Having a blog and being otherwise quite into taking photos and editing them, plus having always been a Mac girl, I want to invest in a laptop I can use for every purpose and keep for many years. Needing this is also one of the main reasons I have decided to curb my makeup spending.

This will be really hard as there are so many things I am already so keen to buy. For example the highlighter powder by Chanel from the upcoming fall collection is a big temptation. Not buying that one will be the hardest and the one thing I am seriously nervous I won't be able to resist.

When it comes to skincare I will not force myself to use things for the sake of using them up whilst my skin starts breaking out. If you've read my skincare reviews you might have noticed my skin is quite sensitive and difficult and not something I want to mess around with. If my Origins Mega-Mushroom products run out, I might have similar products lying around, but unless they can 100% replace my Origins saviors, I will re-purchase as I am honestly quite scared of being without it for even one day, let alone 100.

I know it might seem impossible to write a beauty blog whilst not buying new things, but I honestly have so much and I don't really review too many limited edition items anyway. For fun I'll add a new rule though;

If I have reviewed all of my makeup, every last thing, the spending ban stops.

I wanted to add that I did consider doing a Project Pan. I eventually decided on the 100 days because I want to enjoy the makeup collection that I have. Forcing myself to use products to finish them up I feel is a bit sad when I have so much stuff I can get so much great use out of.

The rules;

1. I will not buy any cosmetics, skincare, bath, shower, body and hair products unless I am out or as otherwise explained previously in the post.
2. I will not buy any clothes, shoes, bags unless I am in serious need. (Exceptions; underwear, tights, socks, tanks and similar if I need it) or as otherwise explained in the post.
3. My expenses will be limited too; School related costs, travel expenses (bus, train etc. not flights to hawaii!), monthly bills and things for my new kitten that I'm getting in September! :)

I have been inspired to do this by the lovely Sophia over at Tattooed Tealady and loves the way she has been posting weekly updates including a weekly wishlist of things she's been lusting after. I think I will do my challenge like this as well as I think it's such a cool idea especially for looking back at in the end. All those things you might have bought had it not been for the spending ban and seeing if you still feel you need all (if any) of them!

Even though I have not spent any money since coming back from France I will count today as 'Day 1'. This means the last day of the challenge, day 100, will be November 4th 2012. This means I can spend money without reason again on the 5th of November 2012.

What do you guys think of me doing this? Silly? Responsible? Have you guys ever done anything like this?



  1. I got the Maybelline concealer about 8 month ago, didn't even know it'd discontinued, sad times. As I really like it. x

    1. I don't think it's discontinued in the US, but I've never been able to find it around Europe.. Hopefully it will be available here soon because I LOVED that concealer, it's pretty amazing PLUS it's drugstore so hella cheap!! :) x

  2. I definately could NOT do this! But i'll wish you the best of luck anyway! xx


    1. He he I'm a bit nervous, but thank you for the well wishes! Really hope I can make it :) x x


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