Review: Soap and Glory 'Clean, Girls' Body Wash

Another 5 months, another Soap&Glory Body Wash.. Say what you will about these, but no one can argue they give a lot of bang for your buck.


Review: Veet Hair Minimising Body Lotion

When this was released (what my memory tells me is) about a year and a half ago in the UK I will admit I didn't really think much of it. I didn't really believe anything like this ever worked, and if they did it surely wouldn't be something you could get at Boots for less than 5 pounds. Even so, I ended up purchasing just to give it a go. I figured, with it being so cheap, it couldn't hurt. What if it did actually end up working?


Summer Holiday Hauls: The Airport On The Way Back

My third and last haul from my last summer holiday in France. These products I purchased at the airport on the way back. This will be my last haul for a while, if my 100 days of no spending go as planned. I have ran out of some stuff whilst doing it though, so there might actually be a little mini/mega-haul coming up in combination with my first update - all to be explained! But first onto this little haul that looks quite gorgeous spread out I have to say.. Beautiful packaging is arguably worth the extra money sometimes..


Summer Holiday Hauls: The Skincare

The second installment of my 'Summer Holiday Hauls' trilogy. This is the skincare, mainly purchased from different pharmacies in different locations along the French Riviera.


Review: Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse with SPF 15

I have kept at it, somewhat reluctantly, testing self tanners for you guys! Though I was initially a bit scared of ending up testing a really bad one where I would have to walk around looking like an idiot for days, I have to say I've been all-round quite impressed and haven't had any bad experiences. Clarins' Delectable Self-Tanning Mousse is no exception.


Summer Holiday Hauls: The Drugstore Makeup


These summer holiday hauls posts are a tad late as I got back from France a little while ago now. As I am doing the 100 days of no spending however, I figured there was no need to rush it and I have also decided to split it into 3 parts as well. Partly due to me buying quite an overwhelming amount of stuff, partly because I won't be doing any hauls for a while so why not spread them out?


Empties: July 2012

This is my first empties post. I decided to do these in the beginning of July as I absolutely love reading these posts myself. I also did a "special edition" holiday empties with products I finished whilst on holiday in France a few weeks back. These posts coincides with my 100 Days of no spending challenge making it even better as a lot of what goes out, does not get replaced leaving my droors and cupboards more empty, and my wallet more full.


Review: Kerastase Resistance Forcintense Treatment or 'The Road to Recovery - Part 2'

It's finally time for my first update on my journey back to healthy hair. I admit it has been somewhat more delayed than I had originally planned, but as usual life got in the way as well as wanting to get my hair to a point where I had something to say in terms of the products used and could quote at least some kind of progression.


Favourites: July 2012

These are products that I have used and loved this month. It could be new purchases or old re-discoveries. There won't always be one in every category, as this is not for what I've been using, but products that have really stood out and that has gotten me excited about make up and skincare. Sometimes I might include things from other categories if I feel it's worth a mention, but not always.
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