Empties: July 2012

This is my first empties post. I decided to do these in the beginning of July as I absolutely love reading these posts myself. I also did a "special edition" holiday empties with products I finished whilst on holiday in France a few weeks back. These posts coincides with my 100 Days of no spending challenge making it even better as a lot of what goes out, does not get replaced leaving my droors and cupboards more empty, and my wallet more full.

This post is a tad late to the party, but my internet has been full of hickups, hangups and not working at all so I have been finding it increasingly frustrating trying to do anything online lately. Apparently it's due to heavy online streaming of the olympics, so hopefully it will get sorted by the end of it and I will be back to more frequent posting soon.

Biotherm Baume Corps Intensive Body Treatment with apricot oil for dry skin
This was featured in my June Favourites and is an old favourite of mine. It's almost become tradition for me to buy this every summer. It moisturises well, smells delicious, sinks in quickly and doesn't leave any kind of residue on the skin. Love this and sad it's finished, but won't be re-purchasing any time soon as I am loving the Garnier one for a fraction of the price.

Veet Hair Minimising Body Lotion
This stuff works, I love it. And for the price it's even more of a genious product! I already have a new one that I am using and whenever that runs out I will have another and another and another..

Givenchy Absolutely Irresistible Eau De Parfum Sample Sachet x2
I haven't really given Givenchy perfumes much attention in the past, never even smelled them to the best of what I can recall. However, after receiving two samples of this perfume whilst in France I have to say I really quite like this one. I don't have any left so it's really hard for me to describe the scent using just my memory, but I'd say it's sexy whilst still being fresh and young.

Garnier 7 Days Body Lotion for Normal Skin - click here for review -
This has become one of my absolute favourite body lotions. I can usually never skip moisturiser after having had a shower, but when I've used after my previous shower, I have actually felt like I didn't need body lotion. It's amazing, cheap and smells soo good! Reminds me a tad of Redken's Extreme line which also smells godly. I already have another one of these on the go.

Clarins Energizing Emulsion
When I first received this as a sample I didn't think much of it, and had it not been for that sample I probably would never have even given this product a second thought. However, having used this it has definitely gotten on my wish list. After long days at work when my feet are sore and tired I apply this from my toes up to mid thigh and feel my feet and legs relax. I do this before going to sleep. When I would usually wake up the next morning with feet still a bit sore and tired, I don't anymore. When I use up all of my foot creams I will definitely be quite keen to buy a full-sized version of this.

Kerastase Resistance Forsintense - click here for review -
I've already written up a review on these, so I will let whoever is interested in more information click on the link and read my thoughts about this there. In short; I loved these and I'm not happy they're finished. Won't be repurchasing right now as I don't need it, but if my hair gets to a point of being as damaged as it was prior to using this, I will definitely buy again.

Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse
I had a couple of all of these self-tanner samples, but decided to just keep one of each for my empties post. I have a full review coming up on the Clarins ones so I won't go into too much detail here. In short they are fine products, but I would still recommend the Bare Escentuals - click here for review - over any other self tanning product that I've tried so far.

J&E Atkinsons I Coloniali
This was advertised as "the best hand cream in the world" and so I thought I'd give it a go. I am not impressed. It's not the thick luxurious formula that I'm used to, but an oily thinner one that takes forever to sink in and leaves a greasy residue on my hands. Will not be re-purchasing.

Klorane Dry Shampoo
This is the best dry shampoo I have ever tried and even though I have a few that I am currently using I picked another one up when I was in France. It's simply the best there is in my opinion, and if I can (it's not widely available) I will never buy any other dry shampoo than this again!

Calvin Klein Shock Eau De Toilette Spray Sample
Not impressed by this, but it's in no ways bad smelling. It's actually quite nice, but I just don't feel like it fits me. Will not be purchasing.

Shiseido Brilliant Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Gel for Face/Body - click here for review -
If your interested in this product you should check out my full review, but to add to that, I still think it's a really good product that is easy to use, almost streak free and fades nicely. It couldn't beat reigning champion Faux Tan and so I won't be purchasing the full size of this, but I still would consider it a  good purchase nonetheless and I do quite like it.

Lancome Primordiale Yeux - click here for review -
This ended up being an ok product. I liked it quite a lot in the beginning, but towards the end I got a bit sick of it as well as doubting it did much for my eye area. I felt it still needed more moisture, and I was right, but more on that below with the Guerlain eye cream. I will not be re-purchasing.

Guerlain Orchide Imperiale Eye and Lip Cream
As mentioned, I felt my current eye cream by Lancome was not providing me with enough moisture. I have been using this sample for a little over two weeks now (I am already on my next one, and then I have a third one) and after using this I realised I was right. I use this at night time and wake up to perfectly moisturised, plump undereye skin without the dehydration lines. I couldn't be happier, if only it wasn't so expensive!

Caudalie Vinoperfect
I ran out of this before going to France and had decided to go at least a week there without buying it or using any serum to see if I could really tell a difference. I could. I already bought another one after 3 days and have decided I am done experimenting with skincare and will now stick to what I know works (After narrowing my "collection" down to one product per category). That includes this serum, and means that I will absolutely be re-purchasing this when the bottle I have now runs out.

Sanctuary 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask - click here for review -
You all know how I feel about this. Love this mask and I'm very sad it's all used up. I am currently using LUSH's Catastrophe Cosmetique fresh face mask and when that's done I will be back on Origins clay mask. I will definitely buy this again when those are done and I can get my hands on one as it's not available where I am living at the moment.



  1. This post was so extensive and informative! :) Thanks for posting...the blogging community is really starting to make me want to purchase Caudalie products!

    xx Veronica

    1. Happy you liked it! :) Blogs got me into Caudalie products to begin with as well! I still haven't tried too many products all around, but the ones I've tried I've usually liked so I'd definitely say give it a try if your really keen! :) xx

  2. That Garnier lotion sounds amazing, I'll have to see if they sell the same thing in US stores.

    1. I'd be suprised if there's anything we've got here that you don't in the US! He he :) Definitely try it if you find it, it's amazeballs :D xx

  3. I found you on IG, you comment on my photos first!
    Been reading your empties nonstop from feb back to July!
    I heart reading these..
    Following u on bloglovin, check out my blog too!

    1. Thanks, glad you like them! :D I'm working on my March Empties right now so will be up today or tomorrow, fingers crossed. In the midst of exam prep so a bit slow on getting things done for the blog atm, but trying! I will definitely have a look at your blog :) Thanks for following xx


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