Favourites: July 2012

These are products that I have used and loved this month. It could be new purchases or old re-discoveries. There won't always be one in every category, as this is not for what I've been using, but products that have really stood out and that has gotten me excited about make up and skincare. Sometimes I might include things from other categories if I feel it's worth a mention, but not always.

The Skincare
- Lancome Gel Eclat Clarifying Cleanser Pearly Foam - click here for review -
For those of you that have read my review, this will come as no surprise. In short this cleanser is my godsend and is keeping my skin in great condition at the moment! Sadly it is almost run out and I am on a 100 day spending ban so will have to see how my skin eventually fares when I move on to try and finish my other cleansers. If my skin goes bad I will buy this again as soon as I can though!

- La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL 50+
This was featured in my June favourites as well and I really need to write a review on this. In short this stuff is absolutely amazing for beach, everyday, under makeup.. I really recommend trying this if your in the market for a new sunscreen!

- Filorga Sleep and Peel
I finally got a second tub of this when I was in France after finishing my first. I am now using it as my only exfoliant to really test it out and I have to say the results are mind blowing. I don't want to say anything too soon before I am definitely sure, but it seems like my acne marks are fading more rapidly than ever before.. Fingers crossed it's working and keep a look out for a full review hopefully soon!

- LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetique Fresh Face Mask
I think I can say I am now a fresh face mask convert. I LOVE this stuff. I've been using this in place of my clay mask and the results are stunning. It helps keep my skin clear whilst calming my skin which is such a plus for a sensitive skin girl, and as an added mega bonus it visibly evens out my skin tone like nothing else.

- Lancome Hydra Zen Nuit - click here for review -
I've written a review on both the night and day cream of this a long time ago and if you've read that you already know how I feel. I LOVE this night cream and it should honestly be featured in every favourites post, but this month it was even more extraordinary than normally. I decided to give the Visionnaire serum by Lancome a try and, quite predictably, it broke me out in the exact same way Genifique did which cause my skincare problems a few years back to begin with. I quickly stopped using Visionnaire and my skin slowly got back to normal, but it wasn't until I got back from my holidays and started using Hydra Zen Nuit again that my skin cleared up almost instantly!

The Makeup
- CHANEL Soleil Tan De Chanel
I wrote about this shortly in my Holiday Packing Guides: What I took and what I used - The Makeup post and I will write a proper review of this with swatches as I think it deserves it's own post as it's absolutely amazing. One of those products everyones heard of and when you finally get around to trying it your kicking yourself for waiting so long. A beautiful beautiful bronzing cream that I use locally where I normally would use a bronzer and it gives the most natural gorgeous results. Truly gives my pale face a natural lit-from-within glow.

- GOSH Long Lasting Brow Pen in 004 Wheat
Love this stuff for adding just a bit of extra finesse to my brows. I use this sometimes alone, but only for going out and nighttime as I find it quite harsh for daytime. I also use it in combination with Mac eyeshadow to make an otherwise natural brow look just a little bit more polished.

- Revlon Just Bitten in Passion
I will write more about this in my upcoming France Haul, but yes they are the old ones and no, I didn't know. However, I LOVE these and really don't care. They are brilliant! I went out for drinks and this stuff stuck to my lips the whole evening through. No fading on my lips and no lipstick smudges or marks on the edges of my glass. I will do a review and some swatches of the three of these I eventually got if people are interested. Not sure as they are the old ones?

- Urban Decay De Slick Makeup Setting Spray
The perfect summer product. I only use this to set my makeup after it's applied, I don't like using it as a primer as I know a lot of other people do. I also use it in combination with powder through my t-zone. Still, I love this, it definitely keeps my face more matte and even if it did nothing I love that refreshing mist on hot summer days. 

- Clarins Beauty Flash Balm - click here for review-
Already written a review on this, for those of you that's read it you'll know I love this. Not much more to add other than that it's still as good as it's always been and keeps on impressing me. I've used it a lot especially this summer as it's perfect for warmer summer evenings.

- Dior Addict Extreme Lipstick in 536
LOVE this lipstick and wore it almost every day when I was on holiday. It's even appropriate for daytime. It's perfect as I can apply a little and only get a slight tint to my lips, or apply a bit more and get a beautiful bright lip. Still not completely opaque, but perfect for an easy natural summer look with a fun pop of color. I've never owned a Dior lipstick before, for no reason really, but I am really interested in having a look at the rest of their line having been really impressed with this one.

- Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in Intensity 2.0 - click here for review -
This stuff has impressed me on every level and I am already in the market for the full size. This has been perfect to use during the summer for work but also on evenings as it's still a light foundation. Read my full review for more on my thoughts as I will only repeat myself here if I go on, but I can not recommend this foundation enough!

- Yves Saint Laurent YSL Semi-Loose Powder Natural Radiance
I can't believe I still haven't written a post about this beautiful amazing powder. I have to. It's brilliant. It never fails me. It's natural, keeps oils at bay, I love it for touch ups, never looks cakey, powdery or too flat and matte. Everyone, meet the perfect powder, soon to get it's own post.

- Real Techniques Buffing Brush
This has been featured in many of my favourites posts already and there's not much more I can say except it's a brilliant brush at a brilliant price point that you should buy if you can.

- NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturiser in Alaska - click here for review -
Not a surprise to anyone I'm sure. It's my favourite tinted moisturiser, it's summer, of course this is going to be one of the hero products.

- MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
I'm sure everyone's quite familiar with this product already and are sick of hearing about it. I've used it pretty much every single time I've applied makeup this month though, so it deserves a mention.

- MAC Pigment in Naked
My favorite pigment and one my favorite eye shadows of all time. This is the perfect nude color with the most beautiful shimmer and subtle glitter. I LOVE this as an easy wash of color across the lid on its own as well as paired with a matte brown through the crease and black eyeliner for an easy but sophisticated look. Naked can also be used as a highlighting powder. I really need to write a full review of this as it's genuinely one of my all time favorite, could not live without products.

- Dior Shimmer Powder in 02 Amber Diamond
For anyone that owns this powder, no explanation needed. For anyone that doesn't; go buy this. It will be one of the best purchases you do all year!

I hope everyone's been enjoying their summer holidays!



  1. I spent a ton of time yesterday looking at swatches of those Dior lipsticks online, and they look GORGEOUS! I really need to try those out! :)

    1. You definitely should go have a look in-store, they are gorgeous and the formula is brilliant! :) x

  2. Love your blog, especially these types of posts :) its good knowing what products people use and how good they are.
    Amy x

    1. Thanks Amy! :) I love these posts too, lets you know what people actually use! xx


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