NOTD: Dior 615 Bengale

The Dior Fall 2012 collection has been flying off the shelves everywhere around here it seems and when I finally got a look at it this week 615 Bengale was the only polish left! I didn't think too much of it initially, it seemed like a pretty standard brown.

I applied it on Wednesday evening and as I am writing this, on Saturday afternoon, 3 days later, I have no choice but to remove this.

Apologies for iphone photos, but as the polish faded so quickly these pictures taken instantly after application were the only ones giving a more true look at what Bengal is like.

On application I was quite blown away by Bengale. It was completely, completely opaque with one coat and it dried quickly. I really like Dior's brush applicator as it dispenses just the right amount of product for each nail leaving me with very little overflow outside of the nail. I applied it in combination with Dior's Base and Top Coat and I ended up with a beautiful, even, perfect finish that was super shiny and looked really polished.

The color is actually quite different to most other browns I have or have seen before. It's a true brown without the grey undertones I find so many other browns have. As Summer has gone here and it's raining and gray I've moved on to fall clothing and this polish looks really good with them. It's spot on trend and Dior has "pulled a Chanel" making what seems like a fairly average color really special. I thought it would be really dupe-able, but found I don't think it is. Having said that I don't own thousands of brown polishes as I'm usually drawn more to reds, pinks and purples, so while I might not have something like this, you very well just may.

Dior's 615 Bengale after 3 days

Beyond the initial bliss this fairytale ended quickly. Already by the next afternoon it had started chipping, though minor. By Friday I was already wishing I had taken it off and today I wanted to keep it on until I'd written a review, but as soon as I'm done it's going straight off. It is completely un-wearable, I'd be embarrassed to leave the house with nails like this.

Dior's 615 Bengale after 3 days

In the end I have to give this two huge thumbs straight down and then some. In the end I don't care how pretty the color is, if you can't even wear it for 24 hours no polish is worth it for me. I don't care if it costs over 20 or under 2 pounds. If your one of those people that change their polish daily then maybe you'll still get to enjoy this, but I don't have the time for that. Such a bummer for me as I thought I'd found my staple for fall.



  1. It looked so beautiful and shiny! *.*

    Too bad it chipped, thanks for sharing!

    xx Veronica


    1. Did you use a top coat? I've tried many polishes but Dior and Chanel are still the best even if they dont last as long (its not good for your nails anyway if you keep polish on more than a few days)

  2. Hi ellie, I don't love Dior nail polish...they don't smell good...too much chemical fragrance for my taste!!


    1. He he I've never noticed the smell but thanks for pointing it out, another minus for Dior polishes then! I've been following you since last time you asked already x

  3. ...beautiful color but dior nail polish for his price must wear well for more days!!!
    ...I like dior nail polishes...I've found only one not very good quality!!!
    ...check out my blog:)

    1. Definitely! Such a shame as the color is so nice.. x


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