NOTD: Rimmel I Love Lasting Finish in 180 Purple Pulse

Rimmel's I Love Lasting Finish nail polishes have usually impressed me, almost as much as their low pricetag. Rimmel follows the trends as well as having a vast color choice already available. I picked up the shade 180 Purple Pulse a few months back and finally gave it a go now.

When first applied Purple Pulse does not impress. The brush dispenses too little product at a time, making application a bit more of a headache than it should be. Having the finish end up streaky and uneven doesn't really help matters either. One coat is also not at all opaque and in my opinion, unwearable.

With two coats the 180 is still not completely opaque, unless the second coat is applied thick. Some nails I had to go over with a third coat to make it look right, as well as having my nails match at the very least! If your not bothered having your nail show through polish, Purple Pulse would probably work a lot better for you, but when not opaque, the finish is quite streaky, so there's not really a choice here.

Even after it's dried the color is uneven, there's plenty of air bubbles and with the thick application it seems the polish could be pulled straight off the nail as it's peeling at the edges. I felt like removing the polish straight away, but decided to let it be and see if it would grow on me like so many polishes have done in the past.

Predictably it did grow on me. The color really is quite a nice, fun yet wearable purple that is appropriate for almost any occasion. Purple Pulse reminds me of OPI 'Overexposed in South Beach' which is one of my all-time favorite nail polishes/varnishes. This type of color is gorgeous paired with black i.e. a black cocktail dress as it is quite elegant.

In terms of wear it was fairly good with minor chipping. I removed it on day 5 due to boredom mostly. All in all it's not a polish I'm excited to wear again, and I probably won't be for a while, especially as I have the OPI polish that is similar. It is OK though, especially considering how cheap it is.



  1. The color looks beautiful on your nails! It's a shame it was such a challenge to apply:)


    1. I know, such a shame :( Thanks though! :) xx


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