Review: Clarins Delectable Self Tanning Mousse with SPF 15

I have kept at it, somewhat reluctantly, testing self tanners for you guys! Though I was initially a bit scared of ending up testing a really bad one where I would have to walk around looking like an idiot for days, I have to say I've been all-round quite impressed and haven't had any bad experiences. Clarins' Delectable Self-Tanning Mousse is no exception.

A picture of the full-sized product, picture borrowed from Nordstrom.com

But it isn't exceptional either. The full-sized product comes in a little jar, or tub if you prefer. The consistency is white, light and a mousse indeed! I expected it to spread really easily across the body, but surprisingly it doesn't. It could be due to me using a self tanning mitt, I felt it soaked up a lot of the product. Still, the consistency felt a lot thicker when trying to spread it across the skin than it did initially when just squeezing it out of the tube my samples came in.

I had three 8ml tube samples of this and thought it would be enough, but I just barely managed to get my whole body and face covered with nothing to spare. That includes cutting the samples open and scraping out the leftovers with a q-tip! 8 x 3 = 24ml of product, the full size is 125ml. Just saying.

Clarins' Delectable Self-Tanning Mousse also has no tint, which I really don't like. Unless you are one hundred percent focused on your tanning it's hard to remember exactly where you've previously applied, or not. That being said, I did keep very focused and did go over again and again with the mitt to make sure there were no lines or forgotten spot and ended up with an even result. I have been at it for a short while now though, if it's your first time self-tanning, go for something with a tint!

The smell is of something quite sweet. It's not entirely unpleasant and it doesn't linger after application so it's not really a deal breaker, but I have to say I would prefer if it smelled like nothing at all. It had me somewhat intrigued for a moment there though, as I found the smell familiar, without managing to put my finger on what it was exactly.

After walking around with this on for about one hour I wrote all of my notes down on application, smell, first impressions etc. In them were my disappointment in how it did not seem to be developing any tan at all. I had a nice glow, but I gave the credit for that to a healthy round of exfoliating and not the self-tanning mousse. I was in no way tanner than I was before and at the one hour mark I usually start seeing at the very least something. Ironically enough, after having written this down I went to check in the mirror again, and whilst taking notes the tan had, you guessed it, started to develop. My point in including this is just to say that it takes quite a while for it to start. I know some people like to leave it on for just about an hour before washing off and getting on with their day, you can't do that with this one.

Drying time is actually quite bad. Skin feels sticky for a while, on me at least. I left it to dry for 2 hours before putting on clothes, and in the evening saw my clothes had managed to make "tan lines". Two hours should be enough in my opinion. Especially as it felt dry to the touch.

In terms of the actual color itself it's quite nice. It's not as dark as still reigning champion Bare Minerals' Faux Tan, but it's decent. It's also not orange.

Where the Clarins' Mousse impressed me was in terms of how long the tan stayed. It lasted a whole week and then some. In terms of staying power, and staying power alone, this product is one of the better ones that I've used. Unfortunately, fading is quite unimpressive being patchy and uneven. Not a good look.

All in all it was a pleasant enough experience, but not one I will be looking to repeat. I wouldn't recommend this either, as it would be, all in all, the one I've liked the least out of the ones I've tried so far. My recommendation is still Bare Minerals Faux Tan, hands down.

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  1. I think that now, i would like to try this mousse!
    thanks for sharing!
    nice to meet your blog!
    see u soon in "KS"

    1. He he nice to have you reading it, thanks for following! :) I'd still recommend the Bare Escentuals Faux Tan over this though! :) xx

  2. I dont think you are meant to apply it with a tanning mitt. Its meant to be worked into the skin like a moisturiser.

    Possibly why you had to use so much product and it took ages to dry.


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