Review: Kerastase Resistance Forcintense Treatment or 'The Road to Recovery - Part 2'

It's finally time for my first update on my journey back to healthy hair. I admit it has been somewhat more delayed than I had originally planned, but as usual life got in the way as well as wanting to get my hair to a point where I had something to say in terms of the products used and could quote at least some kind of progression.

I have used up all of my batches of Kerastase Forcintense. When I had my hair disaster that you can read quite thoroughly about in Part 1 - here - one of the first things I put in my feelunique shopping basket was the Forcintense. I have used a similar product in the past, Kerastase's Aqua-Oleum and remembered it working brilliantly.

Forcintense retails for £22.30 at Feelunique for three sessions of hair saviors which I have to admit is really quite expensive. It comes in a long green box with a plastic "drawer" inside that you pull out to take out the treatments. I find the set to be rather bulky and for the price paid think they could make the packaging a little nicer. I realize I could easily pop them all out, throw the box out and keep them somewhere, but having them lying around where they can either have the tips broken off easily and in so be ruined, or disappear off somewhere, I don't prefer doing that. Like I said, I think for the money paid Kerastase could put them in some kind of jar or something a bit prettier.

Onto the product itself. You are ment to wash your hair normally as you would with the shampoo of your choice, though Kerastase of course recommends using one of theirs. Then you towel dry your hair and put all of the content of 1 Forcinterne through your hair as you would a hair mask. Let that sit for 3-5 minutes, rinse, towel dry and apply 2 Forcexterne. You leave this on for 3-5 minutes as well and then rinse it out. Kerastase recommends doing one treatment a week for three weeks and seem to really want you to do it on the weekends if you go and read what they've written on their website.

I skipped a week in between the first treatment and the two last ones, I will admit. That life thing happened again. Still, no reason not for it to do magic to my hair. I also decided to leave both treatments in for a lot longer.

My first treatment I left both on for approximatively 15 minutes each. When rinsing out Forcinterne I already felt my hair being super soft. When the whole treatment was done I was quite amazed at how amazing my hair both felt and looked. I can usually achieve a healthy-looking shiny result when washing my hair regardless of what state of health my hair is actually in, but with this my hair genuinely felt stronger and healthier. As strange as that might sound.

The second batch I left in for even longer, 40 minutes each. I had the same reaction when rinsing out. Hair felt even stronger, healthier and was super soft and light as air.

My last treatment was a bit of a sad moment as I really enjoyed using the Forcintense treatments. I left both treatments in for 1 hour each. Hair felt just as good this time after use.

Through using the treatments I really have seen an improvement in the condition of my hair. Whilst I have been using other, brilliant hair masks that have helped with the health of my hair a lot as well, I have noticed immediate effects after using the Forcintense treatments that are different to when I've used the other masks. I mentioned my hair just feels healthier. It's hard to explain, if you try it you'll know what I mean. Besides leaving my hair soft and shiny it also doesn't weigh my hair down like most other heavy-duty hair masks do. Forcintense leaves my hair light as air and the texture is just amazing. The most jaw dropping part is the fact that my ends are not at all damaged after using this. If I slide my hand down from the roots of my hair through to the ends I can usually feel a noticeable difference in texture, mostly at the ends where it's more dry and damaged. After using this, the texture of my hair is the same all the way through to my ends, both when my hair is wet and dry. My hair is also more "bouncy" and has a lot more volume than usual.

Obviously, I love this stuff and am so sad it's finished. Should I ever encounter another hair disaster, *fingers crossed I won't*, I will definitely turn to this again. I highly, highly recommend this to anyone in need of some serious hair damage control. It is very expensive and you can get your hair back in shape with hair masks that are already quite expensive and lasts for much, much longer. However, this jump starts the journey to healthy hair and if you think you need it and you can afford it this is definitely worth a try.


Onto the update on the state of my hair and my other treatments. I have moved onto using the Joico K-Pak Reconstructor quite regularly after finishing the Forcintense. It's a brilliant product I have used plenty before that is working just as well as it ever did. I will write a full review on that, probably in my next update.

My hair has been helped a lot by Forcintense as well as the other treatments, with the added bonus of almost no heat used to style my hair. In the beginning I of course used none at all but I have slowly started blow drying it when I am going somewhere special. With it being summer and all I have started loving my natural loose waves from air drying it and so that makes it a whole lot easier. Hair doesn't need to be as polished and perfect in summer (I think) so I've in the least chosen a good time to get my hair ruined.

Other saviors are the amazing Redken Anti-Snap leave-in conditioner and my Moroccan oil. I try and apply some of the Moroccan oil throughout the days when I'm home as well as quite heavily through my ends before going to sleep at night and this has also made a massive difference. I have also started trying to wear my hair down more and not in top buns and pony tails like I usually do when around the house as this can tug at the hair.

A recent hair care video by Elle at Allthatglitters21 on youtube, which I'm sure you all know, made me interested in trying the Nioxin scalp conditioner her hairdresser apparently had told her would help grow longer hair. I will do some research and keep you updated on wether or not I choose to try this.

Until next time!



  1. Such a great, detailed review. I may have to do some more research into this, sorting out my hair is one of those things that's been on the to do list for way too long! x

    1. Thanks MaiBug! :) If you have damaged hair then I definitely do recommend having a look at this, it's done WONDERS for my hair!! :) xx

  2. Hello!

    I'm new to this blog and to the entire microcosm of beauty products in general but goodness, you have churned your way through a good many items O_O
    Thanks for your reviews and opinions- they have been a great help to me and your blog is going to be my first stop hit for product recommendations, especially now that I've decided to grow out my hair (all of a sudden I have to keep it healthy as I can't just chop it off when it starts splitting into horrible straw-like bristles). So... I'm quite interested in using the Kérastase Forcintense but can't seem to find any places with it in stock. Do you think you can recall where you obtained it or suggest some retailers that may stock it?


    1. What a lovely start too my day, such a nice comment to read. I'm very happy you've found my blog useful and that you will keep using it for recommendations!
      About Forcintense - your quite right, it does seem like it has vanished. I expect they have probably discontinued it, but if that's the case I would guess they are planning on releasing something similar with new technology and science behind it. I've looked through all of my usual online shops and I've been able to locate it still at lookfantastic.com . I'm not sure where in the world you live, but they offer free worldwide delivery regardless so it should be pretty fuss free :)

      Go to this link:

      I hope you end up liking it, I saw fantastic results. That being said if you are in either the US or the UK I would recommend checking out Oribe - all the products I've tried so far are absolutely perfect to the point of disbelief and if your lucky enough to live in either of those countries you can get a hold of Oribe quite easily :)

      Good luck and feel free to ask me any further questions if you have any at all! :) x


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