Review: Veet Hair Minimising Body Lotion

When this was released (what my memory tells me is) about a year and a half ago in the UK I will admit I didn't really think much of it. I didn't really believe anything like this ever worked, and if they did it surely wouldn't be something you could get at Boots for less than 5 pounds. Even so, I ended up purchasing just to give it a go. I figured, with it being so cheap, it couldn't hurt. What if it did actually end up working?

First let me say that when I bought this I was waxing, and had been for years. I can only write this review in reference to how it works in combination with that 'hair removal lifestyle choice'. I'm not sure if it would make a difference in how well it works if you shave, but it might, so this is the heads up!

Obviously when waxing your legs you only do this approximatively once a month. When you've done this for some time your waxing gets more and more efficient as your hair growth cycle syncs. Having waxed for years I already knew almost exactly when my hairs would start re-appearing and how fast they would get to the point where I would go in for another wax. This made me a perfect candidate for properly putting this product to the test.

As mentioned earlier, I was quite the sceptic even after having bought this, but I used it every morning after a shower, and every evening if I had a shower then as well. I started using it the day after my waxing appointment. I was happily surprised when I had a look at my calendar one morning, then at my legs and realized I still hadn't had any re-growth. This bliss lasted for a few days until the hairs did start growing, but even then at a much slower rate than usual.

At the moment I have stopped waxing and is putting the Silk'n Flash & Go to the test. Veet's Hair Minimising Body Lotion is still proving extremely efficient and making a huge difference in the speed at which the hairs are growing back, the ones that still are that is!

I am certain the difference is this lotion as after my first bottle ran out and I went back to using regular body lotion I noticed my hair growing back faster than I had then gotten used to from using the Veet. After re-purchasing this and using it again I was back to slower growing hair and so this was all the confirmation I needed. This stuff works!

I love this product! You will have seen it featured in a few favourites posts already and whenever it isn't, assume it is as I'm always using it. I can not recommend it enough. Even if it should end up not working for you it's a nice enough body lotion with a nice smell for less than 5 pounds so no big loss. Having said that, I don't see why it wouldn't work, cause it does for me and anything that can add a few hair-stress-free days to my month gets a huge star in my book!

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  1. I definitely need to try this out, if it works for me too then it sounds like a mini miracle! x


    1. I used to use it and I think I will need to go back to using it, as I hate when hair on my legs grow back so fast. Or finally start waxing. x

    2. He he! Hair growth is one of the most annoying this to keep up with.. I'm really hoping my Silk'n will get rid of it once and for all, would be amazzing never having to think about it again! :) xx


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