Summer Holiday Hauls: The Drugstore Makeup


These summer holiday hauls posts are a tad late as I got back from France a little while ago now. As I am doing the 100 days of no spending however, I figured there was no need to rush it and I have also decided to split it into 3 parts as well. Partly due to me buying quite an overwhelming amount of stuff, partly because I won't be doing any hauls for a while so why not spread them out?

Bourjous 1 Second Magic Nail Polish Remover
I finally got the chance to try the much raved about  "magic" nail polish remover from Bourjous. It might not take 1 second, but it's seriously off in 3! This stuff is brilliant and I don't ever want to go back to any other way of removing nail polish. "The cotton pad method" seems primal now. Except for when it comes to removing polish off my toes, I'm not sticking my toes inside this!

Revlon Lip Butters in 010 Raspberry Pie, 080 Strawberry Shortcake, 090 Sweet Tart and 035 Candy Apple
Ok, I get it now. I didn't really before, but I do now. What seriously got me wanting to try these was my first encounter with Dior's Addict Extreme lipsticks. Being previously almost exclusively into opaque lipsticks I didn't see the appeal of anything else. But after trying the Dior ones I realized how beautiful it can look and how easy they are too use, so I started out trying Sweet Tart. Over the course of my holiday I ended up buying four of them and I love them all! I'll post a little review with some swatches soon if anyone's interested? I suppose we've all read and seen about a gazillion reviews and swatches on these already!

Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stains in Passion, Gothic and Frenzy
When I saw these I thought they were the new and raved about lip stains by Revlon. Obviously I was wrong. I initially picked up Passion and fell absolutely in love with it. I ended up getting two more. After a while I see what everyones problem with these are, they dry out way too fast. It's a shame as they are amazing products initially, but I guess it's all good as they have already been re-formulated to a new and better kick-ass formula if one believes the blogs (and I do!).

Revlon Nail Polish in 261 Sparkling
I am too keen on glitter nail polishes these days and so naturally this one caught my eye. I have yet to try it out and when I do I will post a review with swatches!

Loreal Caresse in 102 Mauve Cherie
When these first came out a few months back I was instantly drawn to this shade. It seemed it would be my perfect nude. I didn't buy it as it was sold out, and kept being sold out for quite a while. Eventually I forgot about it and moved on to other things. Whilst on holiday I saw it in store one day, checked to see if they had it (they did) and figured 'why not?'. I will write a full review, but in short it smells so nice and is the most fuzz-free lipstick I own, as it turned out to be exactly the perfect nude on me as I thought it would be!

Bourjous Healthy Mix Serum Foundation in 53
Having been an avid fan of Chanel's Pro Lumiere, being devastated when it got discontinued, me trying this supposed dupe at some point was inevitable. I haven't tried it yet as I have gotten into a routine of using one of the other foundations I picked up whilst away (To be featured in my non-drugstore makeup haul) but as soon as I do I will let you know how I got on with it.

Mavala Nail Polish in 244 Ruby
I've been eyeing Chanel's April for months now, not wanting to make the splurge as I am sick of being disappointed by their overpriced polishes. Seeing this for something like 5 euros and looking like a similar color I figured I'd give it a try and see if it can finally "tame" my April cravings. I've still yet to try it, but when I do I will of course do a NOTD post and let you know my conclusion.



  1. I really like the nail colour :)


  2. Ooh my! I'm basically wanting everything in this post, except from the l'Oréal lipstick (which I already own) and the nail polishes (where I already have more than enough off) :) I'm so frustrated that Belgium doesn't get the exciting Revlon products! We only have a small range available :( Have you already tried the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation? xx

    1. He he I know the feeling, I get it myself when looking at similar posts on other blogs :) I haven't tried the Bourjous Foundation yet, no. I've been obsessed with Chanel's Vitalumiere Aqua and as school has just started I haven't really felt like experimenting with the foundation in the mornings in case it goes all kinds of wrong! I will soon though, this weekend perhaps, really want to get started on the review! :) xx

  3. I'm slightly jealous of your Revlon Lipstain/Lip butter collection... I've tried to be good with my spending but they're just calling out to me from the screen!


    1. He he I know the feeling! Unfortunately they are all kinds of worth it, maybe just start with one? At least it's drugstore and not Chanel :) Good on you for not spending too much money on make up though! xx


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