Empties: August 2012

My second empties post! I was initially a bit worried I might not go through enough products to do these posts on a monthly basis, but I guess I couldn't have been more wrong. I have to say it feels amazing to clear up so much space in my closet and the strange feeling of accomplishment from finishing up products really is quite addicting. These posts in addition to my 100 Days Spending Ban Challenge are proving really good for my wallet as well! Everyone wins!

- Joico K-Pak Reconstruct Conditioner 1L
I've used the Joico K-Pak series for almost two years now and finishing this 1 Litre bottle of the conditioner almost marks the end of it, I still have a 1L bottle of the moisturising mask at the apartment in Cannes. This is my second "go round" of the 1 L bottles of this series, having gone through 2 big bottles of the K-Pak Shampoo and Reconstructing Mask in the past as well as an additional Conditioner one. I have nothing bad to say about the products as they've all been amazing and gotten my hair in much better condition. I have a normal sized Reconstructing Mask in my bathroom ready for whenever my hair is feeling damaged and probably always will. I have now moved on to hair products focusing more on pure moisture on a day to day basis, as I feel my hair is in decent shape and so it doesn't need any re-constructing. If your hair isn't damaged, damage controlling hair products gets kind of lost on it and is unnecessary. I will be doing a whole post on the wonderful Reconstructing Mask with more information about the whole line soon!

- Soap&Glory Clean, Girls Body Wash 500ml - click here for review -
I've posted a review on this not too long ago so I won't be going into too much detail. It's a really nice body wash and I'm sad it's done, but happy to be getting to try something else as these bottles last for a loong time! Perfect for anyone on a budget though!

- Harmoni Body Lotion for Sensitive/Normal Skin
I don't think you can buy this product anywhere outside of Norway so no need to fuzz about it too much, but I've been quite impressed with it - especially as it's on the cheaper side. It smells real nice, makes my skin smooth and soft without residue.

- Lancome Gel Eclat - click here for review -
Finishing this put my 100 days of no spending to the test. For anyone that's read my review on this you'll know I love this very much. I've even gone as far as to describe it as 'the perfect cleanser'. I still love this and I did notice a difference with the cleanser I first switched to after this, but, the one I am using now I have fallen in love with and we might have another cleanser rave in the not so distant future!

- Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Eye & Lip Care
This is the second sample I've finished of this, currently on my third and last. I've written about this already in my August Favourites post which obviously means I'm quite fond of it. I'll be writing a full review as well so I won't write too much here or there won't be much more to say, but in short; it's absolutely wonderful! Go snatch yourself a sample of this if your anywhere near a Guerlain counter!

- OPI Drip Dry 9ml
This has actually been almost empty for some time now, but I 'dropped the last drip' the other day just to polish it off. I bought this at the same time as my first Base and Top Coat (all by OPI) and so at the time didn't really know wether or not it was making a difference as I had very little to compare it with. After I stopped using it I didn't actually think much of the difference, but looking back now I think it definitely helped tremendously shortening the drying time. It's not something I'm running out to re-purchase, but I definitely think I will at some point. It really is a great product.

- Sanctuary Body Wash
This empty bottle doesn't clear up any closet space as I'll be washing it and keeping it as I think it's just perfect for travel. I did want to finish the product up though as I've had it for almost a year! This body wash is simply amazing. I love the smell, feel and texture of this and will definitely be buying the full size at some point. For something that feels this luxurious the price is nothing short of an absolute bargain!

- Uriage Toléderm Hydra-Soothing Cream For Intolerant and Hyper-Reactive Skin - click here for review -
Sadness. I've written a review already of this where I told you how much I love it. I've grown less dependant on it as I've found body lotions that don't irritate my skin, but I will definitely be buying more of this the next time I'm in France.

- Clarins Energizing Emulsion Soothes Tired Legs 10ml
There's nothing better than this to soothe tired feet and legs after long days of running around at work, school, doing errands or any other kind of running around! I wash my feet and rub this from my toes to the middle of my thigh. I never expected this to do much more than just moisturise my legs, but to my surprise it really does calm my feet and legs down. It feels amazing when your feet are really sore and/or swollen. I will definitely be buying the full sized version of this, it's amazing!

- SB12 duo Mouth Wash
Mouthwash isn't really all that interesting I'm sure, and I wasn't sure wether or not to feature this here. I chose to because this particular mouthwash have been great for my previously sensitive teeth and wanted to include it in case anyone else have sensitive teeth and are looking for something to help with it! I'm already on another bottle.

- Eucerin Sensitive Skin Ph5 Body Lotion - click here for review -
I've done a review of this a few months back already so I won't write too much here in fear of repeating myself, but it's an amazing simple body lotion and one of my favourites!

- Dior DiorShow New Look Mascara
Not impressed by this. A proper review is in the making where I will go into more detail, but this was quite the disappointment following my experience with Dior's DiorShow Extase which is amazing!

- Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel with moringa extract
This was the cleanser I moved on to after my Lancome Gel Eclat ran out. To say this left me underwhelmed would be an understatement. It didn't feel like it did anything. My skin didn't feel clean after washing my face with this and I don't think it was as I almost immediately started getting small blemishes. I quickly threw this out and moved on to another cleanser, also by Clarins, that I've ended up loving! More on that soon!

Normal: 7
Deluxe Sample: 1
Sample: 4
Jumbo: 1

2012 TOTAL (Since July)
Normal: 16
Deluxe Sample: 1
Sample: 10
Jumbo: 1



  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award!

    1. Thanks Kristina, but I've already received it :) thanks for thinking of my though!

  2. Wow I can't believe you aren't going to spend money for 100 days! I love the Soap and Glory body wash, its my favourite :D


    1. He he it's actually been easier than I thought it would be, but I'll be glad when it's over!! He he.. I looove Soap and Glory body washes too!! :) x


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