NOTD: Chanel 481 Fantastic

Chanel's 481 Fantastic is part of their permanent line and in the bottle looks like a "purple-y" wine red. On the nails it comes out more red. To me this was a happy surprise, but to some of you that may want a more purple tone to your nails, take this as the heads up.

Fantastic is almost opaque with one coat, and completely with two. Unfortunately it does end up a bit uneven in places, nothing too noticeable, it's something you would have to get real close and look for, but still. Not perfect. On a more positive note, it did dry quite quickly.

I applied this in combination with OPI's Base and Top Coat. This stayed perfectly until I had some minor chipping on day 3. It was noticeably chipping after 5 days when I also removed it. I have to say I was quite impressed with the staying power of Fantastic. Especially considering the expectations I've come to have of Chanel polishes.

Fantastic is a fun take on the classic red and is a gorgeous colour I loved wearing. This will be perfect through the fall and winter months. The good staying power also makes it a winner in my book, 5 days of one polish is really all you'll ever need. It's a muted red which makes it perfect for any occasion; office, family, friends, going out.. If this color interests you I really feel it'd be worth the little splurge as it's one of those colours you'll get a lot of use out of!

Picture taken on day 3 - minor chipping included!



  1. color is complimenting your hands... gorgeous color...

  2. Wow, it's such a gorgeous colour! This would be perfect for the fall. <3

    1. It really is :) perfect for fall, definitely! :)

  3. Wow what a Great Color.



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