NOTD: Chanel 559 Frenzy

I will admit, I didn't think too much of Frenzy when I first saw it in Chanel's Fall 2012 Runway Show. Yes, it was a nice enough light grey, but surely it was nothing we hadn't seen before?

As usual with Chanel polishes, when it comes to their colours, what might seem dupeable at first, turns out not to be at all. Frenzy is a gorgeous light grey/lilac colour that can be both classic and edgy depending on how you wear it.

With one coat Frenzy is very sheer, but it can definitely be worn this way as more of a tint. With a second coat it's completely opaque and perfect. The brush is really easy to work with and I achieved perfect looking nails with minimal effort. I applied it using OPI's Base and Top Coat.

If you've read my most recent NOTD of Chanel's 481 Fantastic you'll know I was quite impressed by the staying power, especially in comparison to most other Chanel polishes who barely lasts more than a day. Frenzy has to be, hands down, one of the longest lasting polishes I've worn, ever. Forget compared to other Chanel polishes, no, compared to all of them! I removed Frenzy on day 8. This was the first day I felt it was necessary. I could've worn it for at least another day if I was really short on time, but 8 days with one colour is more than enough. Having said that, I'm re-applying this again tomorrow after giving my nails a little break. 

In the interest of full disclosure, there was slight chipping on the sides of two nails on day 4, but it was the kind of chipping where I would have to look twice at my nails to find it again as I forgot what two nails it was, and I couldn't see it unless I was looking at my nails from two centimeters away.

This is my new favourite nail polish. Definitely. The combination of it wearing so unbelievably well and how the colour goes with every outfit in every scenario if you buy one nail polish this season, or this year for that matter, Frenzy should be it!



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    1. Thanks! And sure, why not - your blog looks lovely. I love black/white photos! :) x


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