Review: Caudalie Beauty Elixir

I didn't initially want to write a post about this as there's been about a million of them recently. That being said, the Beauty Elixir is an old favourite of mine that I've been using and loving for years, so I figured it deserved a spot on my blog after all.

The Beauty Elixir is similar to the Institut Esthederm Eau Cellulaire sprays in that it's hard to pin point what they are ment to be doing exactly. When it comes to water sprays I think it's down to you how you choose to use them. They have been described as setting sprays, toners, light serums and more. Caudalie's much toted about version I use as all of the above. I spray it all over my face every day after doing my make up. It doesn't do much in terms of making my makeup stay on for longer, but it does make it look nicer.

While I use a setting spray, Urban Decay's De-Slick (and love it!) I still use s bit of powder through my t-zone, across my cheeks and over my eyes to help with blending. This leaves me with a more matte, flatte and powdered look than I like. In spraying the Beauty Elixir over my makeup after it's all done the powdered look disappears and I get a truly radiant and glowing, natural complexion. But it's not just making my makeup look nicer, it's making my skin nicer as well.

Despite popular disbelief I find the Caudalie's wonderproduct truly does have skincare benefits. When using it my skintone is much more even and the radiance isn't just when just sprayed on, it lasts and when used everyday over time I find it changes the skin. I also use another old favourite, Caudalie's Vinoperfect Serum and I think the combination of the two (Beauty Elixir in the day, Vinoperfect Serum at night) is killer.

In conclusion I would of course recommend this to anyone that's been keen to take the plunge. Personally this is a product I don't think I will ever be without as it's one of my all time favoruites and for me it makes a massive difference in my skin. 

It doesn't come all that cheap so if your keen to try before you buy the full size there's a smaller 30ml bottle available as well. Caudalie is available in many department stores, Boots as well as many online shops such as feelunique.com and others. I prefer buying my Caudalie products in France as I find them quite a bit cheaper there than any of the formentioned shops or sites so if your heading to France in the not too distant future and is keen to try this I'd recommend waiting and buying it there. After all, french products from a french pharmacy always make it just at little bit more special!



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