Empties: September 2012

Another month another empties post! This post has been ready to go for quite a while now, and excuse the lack of posts in general, I have written reviews that are ready to go, but since moving I can't seem to find anywhere to take good pictures! I've tried everywhere and it's getting really frustrating, especially as having good pictures is really important to me. Basically my new apartment won't let me use any natural light as my windows are all huge windows with plenty small ones inside, creating shadows and lines, so I need to use fake light, and this is really hard. It works on some pictures and for some reason doesn't work at all on others. Please bare with me as I try to figure this out, until then, here are my September favourites - my empties box for October is already starting to gather a few sad goodbyes!

Lait De Beaute "LDB" Lotion with Aloe Vera for sensitive skin
I've never heard of this brand before, and I am not sure of where it would be available. It was something my mom picked up for cheap somewhere, either the supermarket or pharmacy, and gave to me. It was a decent enough body lotion, no complaints, but nothing special either. Seeing as it was really cheap, I'd probably give it another go. It doesn't leave residue, smells nice, moisturises well.. It's a good product!

BareMinerals Faux Tanclick here for review -
I don't really need to go into this too much, I've raved about this on several occasions. If this is the first you hear of it, this is my absolute favourite self-tanner and I am already on my second bottle.

Vichy Lipidiose Nutritive Bi-Exfoliating Body Scrub
This doesn't even come close to rivalling favourite, Soap and Glory's; The Scrub Of Your Life, but it was nice enough. My biggest problem was the thick consistency making it necessary to use quite a lot of product and so not making the bottle last long enough to warrant a slightly higher price tag. It does give a decent scrub though, and leaves skin nice and smooth. It is in no way a bad product, but in comparison The Scrub Of Your Life gives much more bang for your buck!

Soap & Glory Heel Genius
I was quite excited to try this after buying it a good few months ago. I'm always excited to try a new product, and especially a Soap & Glory one! Unfortunately, Heel Genius didn't win me over. It's a nice enough blue peppermint smelling foot lotion, but I prefer foot creams to be a bit thicker and moisturise just a bit more than Heel Genius does. Other than that I enjoyed using it as an overnight treatment, but I don't see myself buying it  again.

Bioderma Crealine H2O Solution Micellaire for Sensitive Skin
Needs no introduction. This has been my make-up remover of choice for the last few years and I am not looking to change it. It's as good as everyone says it is, if you can get your hands on one, do! I am already on my next bottle.

Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator click here for review -
I already miss this. My skin is looking fine without it and so I was right, it doesn't do that much besides give a beautiful superficial glow. It was a really nice glow though, but without it actually making any permanent improvements in my skin I just can't warrant such a high price tag for what is essentially just a glittery primer.

Lancome Flash Bronzer Self-Tanner Face Gelclick here for review -
I know I declared this "All Used Up" back in March, and it pretty much was, but before I got around to using the last two squirts of orange gel I had received my Institut Esthederm Self Tanners in the mail and was already on to bigger and better things. When moving recently I found this at the back of my cupboard and decided to use what was left to finally throw the bottle away. My feelings haven't changed, the review still applies. It's an alright self-tanner but nothing I will be rushing out to re-purchase - I prefer my Institut Esthederm one!

Elie Saab Le Parfum Eau De Parfum - 1ml sample
I was hoping this sample would tide me over until the spending ban challenge is over, when I can finally buy the big badass 90ml bottle of this perfect perfume. Of course 1 ml wasn't going to last long, and I am so sad it's done. However, this will be a great opportunity to use my other perfumes until I do buy the full size, as they will probably be a bit neglected when Elie Saab proudly gets a permanent spot on my little perfume shelf.

Clarins Super Restorative Total Eye Concentrate - 3ml sample
Whilst doing this 100 Days Spending Ban challenge I've realised that with all the amazing samples lovely sales assistants have given me over the past year, I can last quite a while before actually buying a new eyecream and am kind of intrigued to do a challenge of seeing just how long exactly.. Either way, now is a perfect time to try out the samples I have for if nothing else, make a well informed purchase when the time comes. This is my first of a couple of samples of this Clarins eye cream and there will be a few more featured in next months empties post as well. Shortly put; It's a nice eye cream that moisturises, brightens and doesn't irritate my eyes. Long term effects are yet to be determined - watch this space next month for more information on that!

Guerlian Orchidée Impériale Exceptional Complete Care Eye & Lip - 2ml sampleclick here for review -
The post below this is a review on this little wonderproduct so I am all talked out, but to summarise I was quite impressed with it and if you've always wanted to know what these Guerlain products are all about, you should check my review out. Unfortunately, I really did like it, so if you don't feel like getting tempted towards spending way too much money on a little jar of eye cream, or anything really, check out some of my more negative reviews instead; here.

Estée Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator
This product doesn't deserve me being this excited it's finished as it really is a great product and a part of me is sad it's done, but I thought it was nearing it's end back in spring when I bought a replacement, the Origins GinZing eye cream, but this was the eye cream that kept on giving. Normally that's a great thing, but I was really excited to get the GinZing out of the fridge and finally put it to the test. The Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator is a really nice refreshing start to the day that really does help to superficially brighten the eye area and make you look much more fresh, awake and bright eyed. A product I just might purchase again!

Chanel Inimitable Intense Mascara in 10 Noir - click here for review -
This poor mascara didn't impress me much, and it didn't do twice. I don't feel like kicking someone who's already down so if you want to know more you can check out the full review.

No7 Lash Adapt For Buildable Volume
Quite the month where I got to go through three fast drying mascaras! I was planning on writing up a whole review for Lash Adapt but decided I could just throw it all into my empties post instead as it turned out there's not that much to say. At first Lash Adapt did little of anything, after a few days it turned into a pretty great mascara, but after approximatively a week and a half it started drying out fast and after a little over two weeks it went straight into the trash/empties box - it was completely dried out and flaky. I got this at a 70% Sale, and thank god for that, but even with the little price of what would translate to roughly £3, if it only lasts a little over 2 weeks it's still really expensive.

CoverGirl Lash Blast Volume in Black Brown
Some of you smarties out there might have picked up on my mention of using three mascaras and noticed that there were four in the picture! Well, this Lash Blast Volume mascara I actually finished back in February/March (sometime around there) and kept it to write a review, but forgot. I've decided it's time to throw it out, and so here in the empties post it is! I think everyone's heard at least one blogger or youtuber rave about this mascara already, and my opinion is no different. It gives length and volume without clumping and it doesn't dry out in just a few weeks. It really is a great mascara and I wish they sold it here in Europe, I really do!

Normal: 10
Deluxe Sample: 0
Sample: 5
Jumbo: 0

2012 TOTAL (Since July)
Normal: 26
Deluxe Sample: 1
Sample: 15
Jumbo: 1


  1. I really need to try the Bioderma! I've heard so many good things about it and my current makeup remover is rubbish! xo

    1. He he which one are you using? You should definitely try it if you can get a hold of it - it's amaze :D x

  2. Wow so many empties :D Such a shame about the Soap and Glory product, I haven't tired this one but I normally can't say a bad word about them xx


    1. Yeah it's a first for me too - it's not a bad product though, it's just that I PREFER foot creams to moisturize more.. but it could just be it's not for me :) everything else about it was good x x


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