NOTD: Chanel 563 Vertigo

From just looking at the bottle, Chanel's Vertigo from their fall collection failed to impress. I found it rather boring. On closer inspection the dark grey colour has a sheen of multicoloured glitter to it, which makes it at least a bit more interesting so I thought I'd give it a go, mostly just to review it for you guys.

When applied I only needed one coat of Vertigo - and not even a thick one! One normal coat and it was completely opaque! Add to that the fast drying time and Vertigo gets a huge golden star for application. It's quite possibly the most fuzz free polish I've ever applied. It was even, no streaks, just perfect! I applied it on top of MicroCell's Nail Growth as a base coat and with Seche Vite as the top coat.

When it comes to the color itself , unfortunately, Vertigo didn't impress. Though there are some definite glitters in the bottle, they are un-detectable when on the nail.  In the bottle Vertigo gives off a purple, green and golden sheen of tiny glitters, but unfortunately this doesnt transfer onto the nail. And its not seche vites fault because it wasnt showing up before I applied that either.

Let me apologize for the rather un-perfect manicure, I didn't have time to "perfect" it AND take pictures before running out so chose taking pictures and then fixing it whilst on the way to school. Fortunately I did because it chipped, predictably, by the next day so these pictures were still better than anything I could've taken later.

Weartime is also not very impressive - it's like most Chanel polishes. It lasted for about a day and a half before minor chipping and needed to come off by day 4. 

All in all Vertigo is an unimpressive and uninteresting shade, in my opinion, that I wouldn't recommend and probably wont be wearing again. I guess this means Chanel didn't actually improve their formula and Frenzy was just a one-off, a good one-off though!



  1. This is such a perfect Autumn shade, I wish I could afford Chanel nail polishes! xxx

    1. He he this one is easily dupeable though :) x x

  2. I have an awards for u in my blog
    Hope u like it :)


    1. If it's the Liebster Award I've already done it? I might do a tag video with your questions and others that have also given me the Liebster Award since getting it, if you want? :) Thanks for thinking of me!! x x


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