NOTD: Dior Vernis Nude Grege 413

With Dior's recent expansion of their Nude range, came four new shades of varnish, one of them was Grege. It didn't look like anything I hadn't seen before from just looking at the bottle, but I thought I'd still give it a go. I was on a bit of a "high" after Chanel's very impressive Frenzy and crossed my fingers Dior had massively improved on their formula as well.

Grege is such an easy colour to apply. It went on smooth, even and dried quickly. I used two coats and applied it on top of MicroCell Nail Grow as a base coat and with Seche Vite as top coat. The result was perfectly opaque and flawless. It wore perfectly for the day I applied it (mid-day) and the whole next day. Unfortunately by day 3 it started chipping, though nothing too noticeable and it was absolutely still wearable. By day 5 it needed to come off, immediately.

The colour is probably really dupeable, but I don't have anything like it in my collection and I really fell in love with it, hence the inclusion in my September Favourites post. It's a gorgeous warm nude beige, that really compliments the skin tone on my hands. It's not too warm so it brings out the red in my hands, and not so cold that they look pasty. I didn't expect to fall for a rather "normal" colour so much, but I really did.

It goes with absolutely everything, second only to Frenzy at the moment, in my wardrobe. The warm tone is a stunner on an otherwise cold autumn/fall day, and it's been really cold here. Even though the formula isn't really as amazing as it should, and could be, and it is quite expensive for polish, I still recommend it simple due to the colour and finish being so absolutely gorgeous!

*Pictures taken on day 3!



  1. Hey, just letting you know I've nominated you for a liebster award. You can see the post here: http://aprettymessuk.blogspot.co.uk/2012/10/liebster-award.html

    lots of love. H :) xo

    1. Hey Hannah! Thanks so much for thinking of me, but I've already done the Liebster Award and so can't do it again! I'd be happy to answer the questions as a tag though? Thanks again :) x x

  2. Such a pretty color, it's perfect for fall. I really like your blog and I am now following :)

    Check out my blog at http://cutenquirky.blogspot.com

    1. I know its so gorgeous! :) thanks for following!! :) x x


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