Review: Chanel Perfection Lumiere

If you've followed my blog for a while, or just read my review on Chanel's now legendary Pro Lumiere, you'll know I was quite unhappy when I first heard the news of it being discontinued. On the other hand, a new foundation is always exciting and it was a new foundation by Chanel, so I crossed my fingers the replacement, Perfection Lumiere, would be even better!

I have a hard time understanding how Perfection Lumiere is ment to replace Pro Lumiere as I find them to be close to nothing alike. They have a different consistency, finish, coverage and feel.

When applied I find Perfection Lumiere a bit hard to work with. It dries fairly quick so doing half or a section of your face at a time, blending and buffing it in before moving onto the next, is definitely the way to go. It has a tendency to be pretty obvious around the brows and hairline and if you only see this after it's set it's impossible to blend it out as you end up taking off the foundation instad, having to re-apply, which also causes a blending problem.

Compared to Pro Lumiere, or Vitalumiere Aqua for that matter (another favourite), Perfection Lumiere does cover better. It also evens out skin tone well, but I find it lackluster in covering blemishes and pigmentation marks. It only covers minor imperfections, such as almost faded freckles and the likes.

Unfortunately, it also doesn't provide as smooth a finish as I like to where I already have nice skin.  I've applied it on top of a smoothing primer, favourite Smashbox Photo Finish Light, and without, both times it's no 10/10. It does look quite nice just as it's applied, I'll give it that much, but it doesn't last very long. I was quite surprised to find lightweight Vitalumiere Aqua actually lasts a lot longer on my skin.

I have previously mentioned the problem I have with blending Perfection Lumiere around the brows. No matter how I go about it, I still find it to be pretty obvious around the brows and hairline and if it's set, well, you need to leave it as is. That is unfortunate, but I'm not sure how much of that is Chanel's fault as opposed to my rushed mornings. I'd say it's definitely a foundation you need to work more and longer with, so perhaps more for special occasions as opposed to everyday?

I find it strange that I would find my skin better suited for Vitalumiere Aqua as I always had the impression Perfection Lumiere would be perfect for my combination skin. It does cover better than Vitalumiere Aqua, but my skin looks much more flawless with the Vitalumere Aqua combined with some concealing than with the Perfection Lumiere.

The original finish of Perfection Lumiere is definitely a semi-matte, satin one. I found it necessary to powder to set the foundation to try and make it last longer, but combined with the already semi-matte finish and the fact that I don't have oily skin, it leaves me with a very dull and flat finish. Usually it only takes a few spritzes of Caudalie's famed Beauty Elixir to get my face all glowing again after powdering, but for some reason, with this foundation, even the Beauty Elixir can't help.

Above; Swatches of Perfection Lumiere in '10' and '20' Beige

I honestly didn't hate this foundation, and I don't think it's bad, I just didn't find anything about it that particularly impressed me either. It's all over OK and I wouldn't mind borrowing my friends bottle if I somehow mysteriously forgot to put on my own makeup before coming over, but I will certainly not be rushing out to buy it again when it runs out. I have a friend that loves it, but I have noticed it fading quite quickly on her as well. It could come down to skin type, and preference in terms of matte versus natural and glowy, but in the end all I can say is that it hasn't particularly impressed me, it's a fine and OK foundation, but not something I would recommend as there are other really amazing foundations out there. Such as Pro Lumiere, but that doesn't exist anymore, unfortunately.

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Above and below; Swatches of Perfection Lumiere in '10' and '20' Beige

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