Review: Givenchy Magic Khol Eye Liner Pencil

When purchasing my beloved Givenchy Phenomen' Eyes Mascara a while back I was lucky enough that it was being sold in a pack with a free mini eyeliner with it. I've never been much of a pencil eyeliner user, but I was still quite excited to get to try this.

The eyeliner is a mini sized version of the actual eyeliner. I was actually a bit disappointed when I found out as I found the tiny size great for being extra precise. Of course I knew that it was shorter than the original, but the size of the actual product could have been small (I knew it probably wouldn't be but a girl can dream!). Beyond that the actual eyeliner is so soft and easy to work with. It just glides onto the skin with no problems at all. It's also really black! Just in terms of application this is an amazing eyeliner and I was completely blown away when first using it.. then came the test on how well it wears..

Well, it doesn't wear well guys. Not at all. I gave this a go for several days to be absolutely sure this was what was smudging so much, and unfortunately (or fortunately in terms of the other products not doing it?) this smudged on me like nothing else I've ever seen.

The first day I ended up with panda eyes after a few hours. The second day I had them almost instantly. I also ended up with black eyeliner through my crease. Once it happened even before I left for work. I tried getting most of it off with a q-tip, and then I looked alright, but it didn't take long until I had eyeliner everywhere all over again. I kept trying to correct it, but eventually just gave up. As mentioned I also kept testing it a few more days to make absolutely sure it was this and not for example the mascara (I used it with different mascaras) and unfortunately this was definitely the culprit.

I want to stress that I have never had a problem with any eyeliner or mascara smudging on me in the past. If it does this on me and you have this problem more regularly, then I would definitely recommend looking elsewhere for an eyeliner. It's such a shame as I loved everything else about it. I guess it's alright though as it's not the cheapest eyeliner to get addicted to anyway.


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