100 Days Spending Ban is OVER!

Spending Ban Over Wishlist

Sunday November 4th was the last and final day of my Spending Ban. I had not bought any makeup or unneccesary (things I had more of) beauty products for a whopping 100 days. Needless to say I made quite a few online orders the following day and have been picking up a few bits and bobs over the last few weeks. When all my orders come in I will do my final post in this series; The Spending Ban is Over Haul! In this post I will write more about my experience throughout the 100 days and my thoughts on the whole thing.


Empties: October 2012

I continue to be amazed at how many products I go through every month. This month especially there's a lot of full sized products. I've also made it my mission to try and use the samples I've got lying around in an effort to save money and also, obviously, to try a couple of new things which is always exciting.


Favourites: October 2012

First of all, let me apologize for the lack of posts lately. I'm in the middle of exams and so getting good grades have to be the main priority. I have decided that after my favourites, empties and possibly my 100 days spending ban "reflection post" goes up I will force myself to go on hiatus until all my exams are done. But more on that in a seperate post. Onto my October favourites!
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