Empties: November 2012

Here comes my very, very late November Empties post. It's a proper November empties though, as I started collecting my December empties in a separate bag when the new month started.


100 Days Spending Ban is Over HAUL!

Quite an overdue post, as will the next couple ones be, but better late than never! My final exam finished on the 17th and it's so nice to be done finally. Now however I am in the midst of the christmas rush and am also working every day after my own wishes so am still quite busy. Thank god I finished my gifts back in November and all that was left was to wrap them, it took me 5 long hours yesterday though! This post is about the stuff I bought after I finished my 100 day spending ban. It is quite a few weeks ago now, and I have to admit there are quite a few more hauls coming after this one. It's been nice to write this post now still as it reminds me of how excited I was when I bought all these products.
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