100 Days Spending Ban is Over HAUL!

Quite an overdue post, as will the next couple ones be, but better late than never! My final exam finished on the 17th and it's so nice to be done finally. Now however I am in the midst of the christmas rush and am also working every day after my own wishes so am still quite busy. Thank god I finished my gifts back in November and all that was left was to wrap them, it took me 5 long hours yesterday though! This post is about the stuff I bought after I finished my 100 day spending ban. It is quite a few weeks ago now, and I have to admit there are quite a few more hauls coming after this one. It's been nice to write this post now still as it reminds me of how excited I was when I bought all these products.

First up is the Phyto Secret De Nuit Night Treatment. I'd been eyeing this several times whilst living in France, but never ended up buying it. When visiting after moving, I would still consider it every time I saw it in a pharmacy, but never went for it as it's not cheap. I've been so eager to get my hair back to the good condition it was in before my hair disaster in the spring and so felt a night treatment could only help. I finally bought this after my spending ban was over, after having considered it a bit back and forth. I have used it a lot since I bought it and I am quite happy with it. It's not as amazing as Kerastase's Voile Nuit that I've used previously, that I think has been discontinued as I can't find it anywhere? But Phyto's version is still making my hair softer and I just love being able to treat my hair before going to bed as well.

Towards the end of the ban my beloved Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom cream finished and that was one of the harder ones to not have around. I'd been using it as a night cream when I felt my skin needed some calming down (The cream is too heavy for me during the day, I also have the lotion for normal/combination skin that I will use for daytime). I went to pick another one up as soon as the spending ban was finished, but was intrigued when I saw the Dr. Andrew Weil Night Treatment so decided to try that instead. And I am really happy I did. It doesn't calm my skin down in the same way as the Mega-Mushroom cream, but it's still very soothing and balancing and my skin always looks very healthy the next morning.

The Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Lotion I make no jokes about. There will be no replacing or trying similar things, at least not for a long time. I finished mine two days after the ban was finished and went straight to buy a new one. I think I would have bought a new one during the ban if it had finished, I honestly can not be without this.

Guerlain had tempted me for a while with their luxurious Rouge G's. This shade, which is 25 Garconne is, in my opinion, the perfect red. It can't get much more red than this. I bought their lipliner that goes perfectly with as well. It's a killer combo and the lipstick is just amazing. Long wearing, comfortable and with amazing colour payoff. I am in love with this lipstick. I think this is what I'll be wearing on any special occasion from now on, it's fool proof.

I also finally caved on Guerlain's meteorites and bought the one that came with their christmas collection, the Perles Du Dragon. I love dusting this over the centre of my face as a finishing touch as it instantly brightens up my complexion. I love it.

I picked up the OPI Skyfall mini collection set. I was originally mostly drawn to the gold (Golden Eye) and blue/green (Live and Let Die) polish, but after trying the red (The Spy Who Loved Me) I really love it. It's perfect for christmas with the red glitter. I actually haven't even tried the gold yet, but I am very excited to. The silver (The World Is Not Enough) one I have a dupe for already I think, Designer The Better (OPI), so I am no too excited about that one, but you never know, so many times I've been wowed by polishes I originally thought nothing of.

Left; Douceur and Luster to the right.

Finally I got myself two new NARS blushes. For those of you that's been reading my spending ban posts you will know that these were on my wish list for a while. I ended up getting Luster and Douceur. I got Luster first and fell in love with it so I haven't even tried Douceur yet as I've used Luster every single day since getting it. It's just perfect and I am over the moon happy that I got it. Finding a flattering blush for my winter pale skin has been such a challenge so finally finding the perfect one has made life so much easier.

In the end I didn't go too crazy (initially) and bought almost all things that I had thought about for a while and had on my wish list. This made it even nicer when "finally getting them" as opposed to buying them almost straight away as usual. The only thing that was really unnecessary was the Skyfall collection, but hey, who cares, it was 12 pounds and it made me happy. It's allowed sometimes to buy silly things that we don't need without feeling all guilty about it, I think. If buying something for a small amount of money can turn an otherwise bluesy day into a more happy and exciting one it's worth it in my book.

More hauls to follow as I ended up going for a short trip to London in the midst of exams - it's a massive one!

Until then, happy holidays everyone!



  1. Great job on not spending! I have such a hard time not spending! I'm so jealous of the nars blushes you bought and the opi minis.

    1. He he me too, that's why the ban was so necessary!! He he.. The blushes are amaazing! If you buy only one more thing this year (possible now as it's almost just a week left!) make it a nars blush, they are serious life changers! :D x x

  2. I'm impressed you were able to stick to your spending ban! I am thinking about doing something similar in the new year, but I'm not sure if I have the will power! Great choices for your first post-ban haul--the Rouge G's are some of my absolute favourites!

    Julie x

    1. Thanks! Agreed, the Rouge G's are fab - so happy I decided to finally get one!
      I honestly never thought I'd be able to stick to it either, as did my friends/family/boyfriend, but once I got started I found the motivation and stuck to it and am so happy I did it in the end! It's nice just to know that you CAN do it :) x x

  3. Thx for sending your link on the bbloggers chat! Love the Skyfall collection! I'm following now!

    1. luurving it so far as well :D real happy I got it! Thanks for following! :) x x

  4. yay for no shopping AND yay for a HAUL! good stuff

  5. Congrats on completing your shopping ban... that's a big achievement! I looooove your haul... you definitely celebrated well :D


    1. Thanks!! :) I've been loving all of it as well, it was a very well planned purchase so it kind of had to be a good one! :D he he x x


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