Empties: November 2012

Here comes my very, very late November Empties post. It's a proper November empties though, as I started collecting my December empties in a separate bag when the new month started.

Clarins Huile Tonic Body Oil 2ml x16
If you thought 11 of these were a lot back in October, this month I used 16. That's (almost) the end of my samples of this though. I don't have much else to add to what I wrote about these back in my October favourites. I still adore them and will probably be getting a full size of this in not too long. They make evening showers the most relaxing experience. Truly a wonderful product!

Yes to Tomatoes Purifying Shower Gel
This is a bit of a staple for me. I use it on my chest, back and down my arms. I don't have a problem with "backne" really, but I can sometimes get the odd little red bump here and there, unless I use this. Then I almost never get any, so I use this almost every morning, on my upper body and it works wonders. It's also a great shower gel no matter it's purpose that lathers up well and makes me feel really clean. I already have another one. Highly recommended.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Cream Sample 3ml
The feel of this is quite different to other eye creams. It's a bit gel like and it spread really nicely over the eye area, you also need very little. It moisturised quite well, but the eye cream I used after delivered better results;

La Prairie Cellular Eye Contour Cream Sample 3ml
This is an amazing eye cream. It is now sharing top spot of best eye creams I've ever tried with the La Mer Eye Balm which has a similar feel. You need very little of this, it moisturises my otherwise dry eye area to perfection and I am seriously considering making the splurge.

Guerlain Parure De Lumiere Light-Diffusing Foundation Moisture Infusion Sample in 03 Beige Naturel 1,5ml x 2
Ugh.. I tried one sachet of this and apart from the colour being way too dark, for the five minutes I decided to keep it on just to have a feel of the formula on my skin, it just sat on top of it and looked patchy and horrendous. This could of course be mostly due to the colour being wrong, but the formula still didn't impress me and I don't think I will ever be intrigued to try this foundation out. I am throwing the other sample I had out with the one I tried. I didn't test it properly though, obviously, so if your interested you should go and have a look at it yourself. It could still be a great foundation!

No7 Maximum Volume Mascara in 01 Black
The previous No7 Mascara I tried, Lash Adapt, that I wrote about in my September Empties, really didn't impress me. It was ok, but dried out really quickly. I went straight on to using this one and must say I had low expectations. It's still not the best mascara I've ever tried and it is far, far from favourite Extase by Dior or YSL's Faux Cils, but it's a decent mascara still. It gives good volume, it did last a little bit over a month and a half and considering the price I got it for, at 70% off I was very happy with my purchase. Still, I will not be buying this again. Especially not at full price.

Elie Saab Eau De Parfume Sample 1ml
Love this. If you follow my blog you will know this very well by now. The most perfect perfume in the world and I am getting it for my birthday in January, from myself!

Guerlain Shalimar L'Eau Sample 1ml
Another gorgeous scent. Guerlain really knows how to make amazing perfumes. It's a lighter version of their classic Shalimar that is a bit sweet, but still dark and interesting. Who wouldn't want to smell like that?

Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum Sample 3ml x 4
I never thought these would work, but they did actually improve the size of my pores. I saw the most change right at the beginning and I can't say it kept steadily improving with longer use, but at least it stayed as was. Admittedly, my pores aren't huge, so it could be a very different experience for those of you with very enlarged pores. Mine are still visible though, and I did see results, so if you've tried everything but this, or maybe nothing and is trying to find somewhere to begin, I'd definitely say give this one a go. It's also not the most expensive product which is great!

Shiseido Advanced Essential Energy Hand Cream 15ml
A decent hand cream. Loved this sample mostly as it's handy to keep in you handbag. It smells wonderful, with a barely-there soothing scent and gives decent moisture to my hands. Better than a lot of other hand creams I've tried. I think I applied this up to three times a day on days when my hand were very dry, sometimes only one.  It's one to check out if you suffer from dry hands.

Origins Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Treatment Lotion
I've already featured this in my haul, the post before this one, so you know I've re-purchased already. Love this, will never (probably) be without it. If you have sensitive or very reactive skin, definitely try this. If you have any other skin type, I still think your skin would benefit from using this on days when your skin is feeling a bit "rough".

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Serum Sample 7ml
If you've followed my blog for a while you'll know I previously used this. It was nice to be back using it again, I forgot how good it was. I know I'm getting another serum for christmas and I have a few samples I will be using up, but when it's time to buy a serum again Advanced Night Repair will definitely be considered. It's a best seller for a reason, it really does deliver good results. And if it's one serum you can actually use all ages, it's this one.

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion 100ml Deluxe Sample
This is an amazing body lotion. It's ment for dry skin and I use it mostly on my legs. It is so soothing and my legs are not at all dry, which they usually are at this time of the year. The consistency itself is really soft which makes it such a pleasure to apply. Look for the 400ml sizes Clarins usually have on offer for a great bargain!

Clarins Energizing Emulsion soothes tired legs 10 ml Sample
After long days of running around at work or in the city rubbing this onto my feet and legs right before bed is the best thing. It warms up and there's no better way to relax tired legs. I have a few more samples of this left that I will love using and when they are done I might buy the full size.

Burts Bees Extra Energizing Body Wash
Didn't really like this. And it cost me quite a lot here in Norway, about the equivalent of 16 pounds if I remember correctly. First I don't like the scent, but that's personal and doesn't really mean anything bad about the product. Still it didn't lather as well as I'd hoped and I just wasn't impressed, at least not for the price it was. It's a fine body wash and if it had been around 5 pounds then it would have been fine, except I didn't like the smell, but it's a lot more and therefore I won't be repurchasing. I'd much rather buy a mega Soap & Glory body wash for much less, those are amazing.

Normal: 4
Deluxe Sample: 2
Sample: 28
Jumbo: 0

2012 TOTAL (Since July)
Normal: 38
Deluxe Sample: 4
Sample: 65
Jumbo: 1



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