Haul: Huge Collective Haul - Part 2

The second part of my huge haul, which is much much smaller! All skincare or haircare items!


NOTD: Chanel 513 Black Pearl

As Black Pearl is rumoured to be discontinued I figured it would be a good time to do a review and some swatches so you could pick it up before it's gone.


Review: Guerlain Wulong Meteorites Pressed Powder

I wanted to write a post on this before it's completely irrelevant. Guerlain launched this seriously expensive powder with their holiday collection and it's absolutely amazing!


Shopping My Stash #1 / Project 6 Pan

This is the first time I've ever done a post like this, but seeing as I've made it a point to try and finish some of my products it felt natural to have a little look through my makeup collection and chose a few things to try and get more use out of and try to finish up.


Review: Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion with Shea Butter

Dove's Indulgent Nourishment body lotion with shea butter is ment for dry skin and seems exactly the thing to use these cold winter months! Or anytime of the year really, we all want soft and nourished legs all year round!


Haul: Huge Collective Haul - Part 1 & A New Sort-Of Empties Project!

I didn't want to post too many haul posts so I figured I'd make one gigantic post about all the new beauty products I own with the intention of showing it so that you could let me know if there is something in particular you would like for me to do a review on. Believe it or not, I actually forgot a few things when taking the pictures for this post, so that's why this is 'Part 1'. Part 2 will be a much, much smaller post, thank god.


Review: Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

This empty bottle, as featured in my october empties post, is my third bottle of this stuff that I've gone through. The last two consecutively, but the first one a year prior to that.


Favourites: December 2012

My last post in or about 2012! As I finished my 100 Days Spending Band towards the end of the year and also took a short trip to London I bought a lot of new products in December. They were all things I had wanted for a long time, so no surprise, a lot of them are featured in this post!


Empties: December 2012

My last empties post from 2012! I've loved doing these and will continue doing them throughout all of 2013. It will be quite interesting to tally up and see how many products I actually manage to finish in a whole year!


Favourites: 2012

I went back and forth a bit on whether to do my 2012 favourites as a best of every category, top 12 or just products that stood out to me this year. I chose the latter. I have also decided not to write about each product as the post will then be way too long as there are so many products mentioned. Also, knowing me, it would be really long. Instead I have decided to just list my favourite products and leave that as is. If there is a full review of the product I will link it next to it. If there is any of the products mentioned you wish to know more about or see a review on, please let me know and feel free to ask anything about the products in the comments section.

Onto my favourite products of 2012! These are the products I have used a lot and loved this year. Products I really love and highly recommend.


London Haul!

I had a week between two exams in December and decided as a bit of a spur of the moment thing to take a short trip to London. I needed to get away and "breathe" for a bit as the stress of the exams were really getting to me. I went for just one night and two short days but got a lot done, shopping-wise anyway. As I've lived in London before I didn't really feel a need to do any touristy things anyway.
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