NOTD: Chanel 513 Black Pearl

As Black Pearl is rumoured to be discontinued I figured it would be a good time to do a review and some swatches so you could pick it up before it's gone.

Chanel's Black Pearl was released a few years back and I remember it selling out rather quickly. I was lucky enough to snap mine up at London Gatwick Airport and I was quite excited to have gotten my hands on it. It was originally a limited edition release, but was eventually made part of their permanent collection.

The colour is inspired by pearls and is ment to look like a crushed black pearl. On the nails it is a very interesting and different colour. I'm sure there will be some dupes by now, but none that I know of. It comes up as a very dark green, with a hint of black and very subtle green shimmer.

The shade is aboslutely gorgeous and surprisingly, but like a lot of Chanel's well thought-out shades, somehow seem to just go with everything.

It's suitable for every season. It will seem like more of a winter shade at first glance, but as the green is so mellow and quite warm, it's also perfect on a summer day with a breezy white shirt for example. It's a warmer shade, but fairly neutral so it goes well with both gold and silver jewellery.

In terms of staying power, this is still a Chanel polish. I don't expect much from these in terms of quality, and Black Pearl is just as expected. It chips fairly quickly at the tips, all tips gone in 3 days. Nothing too visible though, so it is definitely still wearable. On day 4 two nails had noticeable chipping, almost half the nail polish was gone, and so I removed it.

Having said that, I typically want to change my nail polish at the 3-4 day mark anyway so I don't really mind. Not only due to me being bored with the colour, cause sometimes I will re-paint it with the same. It's mostly as I don't feel it's good for my nails to leave it on for much longer, so around day 3 or 4 I will remove it in the evening, let my nails "breathe" overnight, give them a good treatment and "filing" the next day before applying a new, or the same shade.

In the end, Black Pearl is a gorgeous shade I am happy I own and I really do recommend it. It might not be what you really want to buy now as we are all so excited for spring and it's bright fun colours, but it's still a gorgeous shade for days when you want something a bit less in our face, that is still interesting and a bit different.


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