Review: Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum

This empty bottle, as featured in my october empties post, is my third bottle of this stuff that I've gone through. The last two consecutively, but the first one a year prior to that.

My first bottle did not disappoint, but was not right for my skin at the time. First time around I used it whilst dealing with a sudden onset of problematic skin. As clearing my skin up was obviously my main concern, this didn't deliver much in that area (nor is it supposed to) and so I quickly moved on without giving it too much thought, but I did remember the amazing glow it gave my skin.

After my skin had cleared up my mission was more on keeping it healthy and age prevention. I was using Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair in combination with their Idealist Illuminating Serum for even skintone during the day. I had some pigmentation marks left from old breakouts that I wanted to get rid of. When I was on my second bottle of Idealist I finally decided it wasn't doing enough for my skin and wanted to try something else. I remembered the Caudalie serum and the glow it had given before. I knew it was recommended for skin with pigmentation or post-acne marks. As I hadn't had any to "test it on" when using it the last time, I didn't know wether it would work or not, but having read some great reviews, plus it getting a recommendation from Lisa Eldridge herself, I picked up a bottle in a French pharmacy in Nice last March.

I realized fairly quickly that this was too heavy to use during the day. My Advanced Night Repair kept reign for night time use until it finished and Vinosource sat in my fridge waiting it's turn. It was only a matter of a few weeks.

When I first started using it I did not get the same amazing glow I did last time. Last time I used it in conjunction with the Clarisonic and I think the combination of the two is killler. Unfortunately, my skin and the Clarisonic don't get on all that well, at least not for everyday use, so the Vinosource serum would have to perform all on its own. For any of you guys that do use the Clarisonic daily though, this could be a bit of a selling point!

In terms of helping with pigmentation marks and scarring I would say that for the last aproximatively 8 months of using two bottles of this consequtively I noticed a better improvement in relation with time passed / improvement to before when using the Idealist/Advanced Night Repair combo. Unfortunately, this too hasn't showed a drastic improvement and thus I am off to look for other things to help with this.

When it comes to skin tone however, this does deliver. Where my skin is otherwise healthy and scar/pigmentation mark free, the skin looks more healthy, more radiant and more even. I have also not gotten any new marks or scars since using it. I haven't had many breakouts either, and I've been really careful using SPF 50 every single day, so it's not going to be all down to the serum, but it's still worth mentioning.

On the more technical side the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum has no parabens, sulfates or phthalates. It is also oil-free and suited for all skin types, according to Caudalie. I say, if your young and have break-out prone skin, be careful using it in the day. If it works, great, if it's not working, try cutting back to only night time use.

The serum does deliver a bit of moisture. Not enough to skip moisturiser, not at all, but it does feel like it's making skin more healthy all around. I am quite happy with the serum and would highly recommend it to anyone that think it sounds like something they would like. It's also not too expensive for a bottle, around 35 euros. Do make sure you keep it in a cupboard or drawer though, as the bottle is clear glass, which means direct sunlight can boost the product on it's way to expiration.

Caudalie is cheaper in France, in my experience, so if your going there soon you should wait. However, if your steering clear of croissants and dog poo for a while longer, Feelunique.com and most other online sellers stock Caudalie. If you live in the UK, I'm also pretty sure you can buy it in most department stores and in Boots, but it's a while since I lived in London now so that might have changed!

In conclusion this is a lovely serum, but it doesn't do enough for my pigmentation marks so I am off to bigger and better things. Origins Mega-Brigh Serum made in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Weil will be next up!

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  1. Thanks for the review. I just bought this today in hopes of getting rid of some new acne scarring. I got it in conjunction with day perfecting fluid and and cell renewal night cream.

    1. Caudalie is a lovely brand, I hope you like the products! :) x


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