Review: Dove Indulgent Nourishment Body Lotion with Shea Butter

Dove's Indulgent Nourishment body lotion with shea butter is ment for dry skin and seems exactly the thing to use these cold winter months! Or anytime of the year really, we all want soft and nourished legs all year round!

The lotion has a sweet smell of shea butter and it reminds me a bit of how some self-tanners smell. I find it a bit sickening to be honest. The lotion itself is quite nice as little goes a very long way and so it gives a lot of use for the little money spent.

In terms of it combating dry winter legs it does a decent job at it. I've used other lotions and body butters that does the job much better, but I still quite like how this feels. It sinks in rather quickly and doesn't leave any residue. The smell also doesn't linger, which is great.

Not something I highly recommend, but it's absolutely fine and does help keep my otherwise dry legs in good condition from application in the morning until the evening, or even the next day. All round a decent body lotion for dry skin!



  1. Great honest review, I love the Soap and Glory body lotions! xo


    1. Thanks! :) Using S&G's Butter Up body butter in the blue packaging now and I'm seriously in love - gooorgeous! Keeps my skin so hydrated - it's amazing! :D x x

  2. I could see body lotion from each and every brand out there but most of them fail to impress.But my body lotion try.


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