Review: Guerlain Wulong Meteorites Pressed Powder

I wanted to write a post on this before it's completely irrelevant. Guerlain launched this seriously expensive powder with their holiday collection and it's absolutely amazing!

Sorry I forgot to take pictures before I started using it so it's looking a bit messy - but hey, now you know what it really looks like after a bit of use!

I'm not sure how it does it, but this powder makes my skin look flawless every time I apply it. Apparently it's due to the different colours that are ment to correct the flaws your skin has (pigmentation, redness) and the reflective parts diffuse anywhere you may have some darkness or counteracts dullness.

I've been using this everyday since getting it and I am absolutely in love. I apply it using a kabuki brush. Nothing I have can come even close to comparing to this. The finish is not at all matte, so if you like a matte finish then this is definitely not for you. The Wulong Powder gives a more radiant and natural finish that is absolutely beautiful. It does have a bit of glitter in it that you can see if you look, but it's not very noticeable. In terms of staying powder, this doesn't help with oiliness or anything like that so you will need a good mattifying primer or moisturiser if you have oily skin. If you are very oily I would probably stay clear of this as the glitter can end up emphasizing it. As a setting powder it does help makeup last, but it's nothing amazing in terms of this. The area where this product scores it's mayor stars is in the correcting.

Christine over at Temptalia wrote an absolutely glowing review and it's due to her I eventually did decide to get it. She followed up with a review on the regular Meteorites Pressed Powder from Guerlain's permanent range saying it was just as good, so if you are interested in trying this out, but your local Guerlain counter is all sold out, then you could just get the regular one (according to Christine).

All in all I really recommend getting this, it is an absolute find and I don't see myself going without this ever! Yes, it is that good! Instant holy grail stuff. Amazing!


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