NOTD: Dior 155 Tutu

Dior's 'Tutu' from their 2013 Spring makeup collection is a gorgeous light ballerina pink. It's white based, neutral toned and absolutely gorgeous. It surprisingly goes with absolutely everything and while it's certainly girly, it's still just right to have a bit of an edge to it as well. I wear it as I would a white polish.

Quality wise it's decent, but on par with other Dior polishes I've tried. It applied fairly opaque for such a light shade, all brands seem to have a bit of trouble delivering opaque white and light pink shades. With two applications it's opaque "enough" but I with a third coat it's perfect. I've got three coats on in the pictures. Two coats leaves it a looking a bit uneven.

Saying power is decent. It starts chipping around the 3 day mark and needs removal after day 4 when chipping is more noticeable. But it's a Dior polish, and so it's not about the polish itself, it's more about the color. 

I love this shade and would recommend it if you love the color and don't have anything similar already. Fact is though, this should be a fairly dupeable shade and I recommend having a second look, if you have a vast amount of nail polish, as you might have a dupe that you've forgotten about. I discovered a few days ago that I have a polish by Nails Inc I believe to be a dupe, 'Elizabeth St' (turns out it's not an exact dupe, Elizabeth St is warmer), but even so I'm happy I got the Dior one. I really love it and predict I will use Tu Tu a lot! Especially as I've used it a whole lot already!



  1. This is such a beautiful shade of pink :) Looks perfect fpr the Spring! xx


    1. It's one of those shades that make you smile everytime you see it :D x

  2. super lovely pale pink! love the colour so so much :)
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