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With the success of their Lip Glow balm type product that works with your natural lip color and enhances it, Dior decided to release a few other 'Glow' products with their spring line. They've all debuted as limited edition items, but one can make a small, but careful assumption that they are limited edition only to test the waters. I would guess on them making a comeback depending on how quickly, and if, they sold out. I've so far not used any of the glow products for the lips, but the 'Nail Glow' really tickled my fancy so I picked one up.

Dior's Nail Glow is supposed to enhance your natural nails. This means; making the pink more pink and the white tips whiter. I'm sure you'd all agree, this sounds really nice. Though we all try to keep up with having perfectly polished nails every day let me be the first to admit that unfortunately this doesn't always happen. Sometimes I take my nail polish of in the evening, planning on re-applying the next morning, but end up not having the time. This was the time 'Nail Glow' would come to the rescue, I imagined. When there was no time for base coat, two maybe three coats of polish and then the top coat (add drying time in between all of those!), this would be perfect to give nails a more polished look in one quick swipe.

Does it work though? Yes and no. After initial application I can't say I see too much of anything changing. My tips are quite white naturally, and the pink part is usually quite pink. They were less than usual right when I tried this, and the Nail Glow didn't even get my nails back to normal. While the Nail Glow certainly give them a more polished look in terms of being glossy, a top coat, which I already have a couple of, can accomplish that as well.

Excuse my semi-naked nails. I've left the ring finger bare without anything on it for you to properly compare the results.

After wearing it for a nice couple of hours, I'd say 8-10 kind of couple of hours, I notice more of a difference. My nails are definitely more pink and more white. However, if it takes the better part of a whole day, this means wearing this still requires planning ahead, which defeats it's purpose. If I'm planning my nails ahead, I'd much rather wear a fun colour, or a classic red. Not this.

I don't want to slag this product off completely. I do think it's ok, and it does do what it says. It's a perfect product for people who almost never wear nail polish, but still want to make them a bit nicer. It's perfect for those who don't really wear polish because they think it takes too long, can't quite get the hang of it, or simply don't like doing the whole makeup, nails beauty type thing. The latter which probably won't ever be on my blog reading this review, but if by some chance you stumble on it - Nail Glow (or any of the Glow products actually) is your cup of tea!

I'm not upset I bought this. It's quite a fun product to have and it is really original (to the best of my knowledge anyway). If I could take it back and get my money back, or maybe that beautiful lilac polish Estee Lauder's just come out with instead though, then yeah, I probably would.

The bottom line here is that I am a person who really enjoys painting my nails with color. Be it a neutral, bright, glittery or classic pink or red. The 'Nail Glow' doesn't serve the purpose I personally hoped it would and so I am a bit disappointed. It's still a nice product though, and one that I'm sure a lot of other people will love and get a lot of use out of.

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