Review: Chanel Poudre Universelle Libre - Natural Finish Loose Powder

Quite the popular powder in the blogosphere, I caved and picked this beauty up about 2 years ago. The Poudre Universelle Libre is ment to give a natural finish, yet keep the skin from being shiny and help makeup last longer. It also comes in gorgeous Chanel packaging with the infamous logo on top. Naturally, I was quite excited.

The powder comes with a soft, white Chanel powder puff. When applied using this you dot a bit of the powder onto the puff, work it into the puff using your hand and carefully work it into the foundation. Lately I've ditched the puff and used either a stippling, kabuki or blush/powder brush to apply it. Using the puff gives more natural results, meaning you cannot see the powder. The finish is quite similar using both techniques, but when only dusted over the face, the powder itself is definitely more visible to the naked eye.

Whatever technique used to apply this; the finish is overly matte. It makes your face look flat, dull and lifeless. It takes any glow or radiance right out of your face and leaves you looking quite bad to be frank. I also find applying with the puff tends to take some of the foundation with it, taking some of the coverage away, which is not (typically) what you want.This can be rectified of course by applying a healthy dose of highlighter, bronzer and/or blush, but wouldn't it just be better to use a powder that was actually flattering to begin with?

In terms of just the product itself, it's good for doing it's job - which is setting makeup. It does, no doubt, improve the lasting power of my foundation and help with keeping oils at bay. Unfortunately, I don't really like this powder for a quick swipe over the t-zone with a brush, the look is just too powdery and flat. It does give a really nice look when applied using the powder puff, but this takes a considerably longer time and can be quite messy if done hastily.

In all fairness, I used to really like this powder. Back when my skin was less dry and dehydrated. The instant results from application was always a bit flat and overly matte, but it didn't take long for the powdery look to go away, giving me a certainly more natural result, at least compared to how it looks when I use it now. The zinc in it helped keep the foundation on and my t-zone from going too oily.

I really did use to love this powder, it was even featured in a few favourites posts. Another theory I have on why it changed on me, could be due to my ongoing love affair with Urban Decays makeup setting sprays, De-Slick especially. It could be that those two just don't mix very well. I'm never giving up on my De-Slick though, it's one of my favourite makeup products, ever, so when it comes down to it, I guess it's the Chanel powder that has to go to the back of the drawer. I'm still trying to get it to work for me somehow, but consider me on the market for a new powder!

I've used this quite frequently and I'm only about halfway through. I don't think I'll finish the Natural Finish Loose Powder for a while, but when I do I won't re-purchase. It's far from the worst powder I've used, it's not all that bad, but I have used better - YSL's Poudre Sur Mesure is one of them. Surprisingly, not something I'd recommend actually. Unless of course you don't mind a totally matte finish, or have seriously oily skin.

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  1. This looks so posh! Got to love the Chanel packaging! xx

    1. He he it does admittedly look quite gorgeous on my makeup table! x

  2. I had this and didnt get on with it either!i loved how finely milled it was but how huge is the tub?! It never fit in my bag for carrying around haha always had to decant it which was a pain.Great review xxx

    1. Ha ha good to know I'm not the only one! :D Yeah the tub is way too big, I feel like I'll have it staring at me to use it for years lol xx

  3. Hi! Came here from your comment on my blog :)

    I have always wanted to try out this powder, but I don't like the totally matte effect either. Guess this would be a good one to have if I was staying in India - it gets REALLY hot there in the summers! Have you tried the pressed powder - non-matte version? I have it in Peche Tendre..it was the closest match I could find to my skin tone, and it is a little lighter than what I would like, but I use a very light dusting and tell myself I can get away with the shade mismatch :P Anyway, that has a bit of a softer finish because of the fine shimmer in it.

    1. Hey! I've been really interested in trying the pressed version, but always thought it was a bit silly when I had the loose one. I think I'm "over" loose powders in general, I feel they kind of "get everywhere" and much more easily end up giving you that powdered flat look. Thank you for the tips for the pressed one, that might just be the last push I need to go get it! That or the new Hourglass ones.. ugh, too many products to choose from - how anyone can have one of anything I find astounding! lol :) x


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