Review: Kanebo Sensai Cellular Performance Intensive Hand Treatment SPF 8

As I suffer from dry hands if there's any product I've tested literally hundreds of (not really, but a lot!) it's hand creams. Especially throughout winter I usually have to re-apply handcream almost hourly. Add to that my obsession with personal hygiene meaning constantly washing my hands plus very frequent use of hand sanitizers and a good hand cream is an absolute must. Second only to dry lips, dry hands are one of those things I simply cannot deal with.

Sensai's hand treatment lotion really is that, a treatment lotion. It truly moisturises the hands deeply, meaning not just superficially, and keep them nice throughout almost the rest of the day. I really feel I sometimes only need to apply hand cream once a day when using this one. It is expensive, but when you apply it once a day it gets a tad more economical.

You need very little of this to cover both hands, both sides. It also sinks in really quickly and smells only barely of what I think is roses. Even after it's absorbed I can feel it working to moisturize my hands. The SPF 8 is an added bonus as I usually have to manually apply SPF to my hands or blend it into my hand cream.

All in all this is an amazing hand cream that I really, really recommend to anyone else suffering from really dry hands. It's the best hand cream I've ever used and I've used a lot! Truly a "holy grail" product for me!


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