NOTD: Chanel 667 Bel-Argus

I've wanted a shiny blue polish for quite a while now. Essie's 'Aruba Blue' really caught my eye a few months back but I restricted myself. When I saw Chanel was releasing the similar Bel-Argus I took it as a sign and knew I just had to have it.

Bel-Argus have not disappointed. It is a tad streaky on application, but with 'Seche Vite' on top it's barely noticeable. It's almost good with one coat, but I'd recommend two.

The color is a gorgeous neutral toned blue that is all blue, but every dimention of blue. It changes according to the light. Sometimes it leans purple, sometimes more light blue and turquoise, never all over, just where the light hits. It's a hard color to describe or catch on camera, it's simply one that must be seen in real life to fully appreciate.

Bel-Argus is one of those nail polish you just can't take your eyes of. I keep staring at it or raising it to have a look at it in the mirror. It's so shiny it's like you've got blue tinfoil wrapped over your nails. I see myself wearing this a whole lot, and not just for the summer, it's a polish appropriate year-round really.  If you love the color, but Chanel polishes aren't your cup of tea or you want something cheaper; Essie's Aruba Blue really seems to be a good dupe so you could always check that out instead!

In terms of lasting power it's not great, it chipped almost immediately so unfortunately it's not one of Chanel's best. I still absolutely love it and would highly recommend it! I'm beyond happy I got it!



  1. That is such a beautiful colour, ahh!

    Kathryn x

    1. It's amazing, can't stop staring at my nails he he!! x

  2. This is such a gorgeous colour, I think the essie dupe is probably more in my price range though lol
    Kirsty x


    1. Yeah the Essie one should definitely do the trick if you like this shade :) I'm just addicted to Chanel packaging lol x


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