Review: Guerlain Terracotta Sun Scrub

After falling in love with Guerlain's limited edition Sunless self-tanner from their Terracotta line I wanted to try some more of their summer skincare products. I bought the Sun Scrub and the Jambes De Gazelle which is an instant tan. This post is about the scrub.

The Terracotta Sun Scrub is a beautiful gentle scrub for the face and body. I bought this to use on the body, but as it felt so incredibly gentle on my skin I wanted to see if it felt good on my face just to try. On the face it felt much more abrasive making it gorgeous for the body, but not appropriate for use on the face. Manual scrubs can cause a lot more damage than good, so I still recommend chemical peels. This is the last time I will attempt a manual scrub on my face. That being said it didn't do anything bad to my face, it just felt to harsh.

On the body on the other hand, this feels amazing. It's gentle, but effective and the corns don't disappear as you exfoliate, which I love. Good scrubbing "corns" usually mean stuff all over your shower, but that's not a problem here either.

The scrub itself comes out orange with gold glitter. It has a oily texture to begin with, but as you rub it across your skin and it mixes with water it turns white and milky. The scrub is supposed to be tan enhancing and gentle enough so that you can exfoliate while wearing self-tan, without removing the self-tanner. I will say I had a nice glow after using this. It's nothing to make you skip the self-tan completely, but it's the perfect product to use through summer to prolong your tan, self-tan or hide patchy unevenness of a bad or badly fading self-tanner.

The smell of this is the big selling point as it's absolutely amazing. It's their now famous monoii scent that all of their Terracotta skin products have and there is nothing more perfect for summer. I'm sold on this stuff and now want their whole terracotta line - with backups, especially of this scrub! The Guerlain rep said it's all limited edition so if your interested you should get it now before it's too late! Highly recommended!



  1. This sounds like such a good product. I am always looking out for a great scrub (my legs get so dry) and one that helps enhance tanning? YES PLEASE xx
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    1. He he yeah when I heard about the tan enhancing I was pretty much sold as well!! x


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