Empties: May 2013

Quite a few products this time as well, however; a lot of products are not finished, but going to friends, family or in the bin. I've reached a point where I've just had enough of trying to finish products I don't like, that don't do anything nice for my skin and makes me uncomfortable. What's the point? There will be a few more next month as well, but I didn't want to chuck too much in one go. In case others are also coming to the realisation that their keeping a lot of stuff around that their never going to use anyway, I urge you to start with a few things and chuck it in the bin, it feels really good!


Favourites: May 2013

You're probably pretty sick of me saying I'm in the midst of exams, but I am and so the past month I've been quite stressed and have looked to beauty products to try and relax from time to time. There's been a lot of heroes and there was many products I wanted to feature, but I narrowed it down to the ones you see here.
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