Review: Chanel Ombre Essentielle 101 Gri-Gri

Gri-Gri has somewhat unexpectedly ended up being the star item of Chanel's Fall lineup. I say unexpectedly because Chanel's eyeshadow offerings aren't usually their most popular items. The things we usually remember from Chanel collections are nail polishes, lip products and beautiful limited edition highlighters. But this time, it looks like it's going to be Gri-Gri.

The eyeshadow comes in typical Chanel packaging and the same as all of Chanel's singles. It's a very small and sleek signature black packaging with the white C's on top that comes inside a black velvet pouch. Inside there's a decent mirror, taking up the whole inside of the top lid. There's also a sponge brush as usual and 1,6 g or 0.05 OZ of eyeshadow. The eyeshadow comes with the double C's printed on top, but this goes away quite quickly after you start using it.

This is a beautiful shimmery taupe. Don't let the glitter scary you though. Using a term usually used when referencing Tom Ford's famous glitter shades; "Grown-up Glitter" feels an appropriate way of describing Chanel's latest offering as well.

When applied it gives a good sheen that will help lift any complexion, but there's no visible glitter particles. The texture is very soft, almost buttery, and it apples effortlessly across the lid. It takes minimal effort to get a nicely blended edge as well.

Gri-Gri leans cooler on my neutral skin tone and I've loved pairing it with matte cooler greys, purples and lavenders through the crease - specifically Chanel's Hasard, also from their the Superstition Collection. I've also worn it alone as a quick all-over lid colour and it still adds a nice dimension to the crease on it's own.

Wear time is excellent. I applied this early in the morning and it was still visible and looking pretty nice after a good 8 hours. It faded slightly before taking it off in the evening, but was at no point not wearable or something I would've felt the need to re-apply for going somewhere. I used Mac's Painterly Paint Pot as my base on my normal eyelids (not dry or oily).

Chanel Gri-Gri, Rimmel 130 Tribute, NARS Lhasa and MAC Satin Taupe. 

I don't have too many taupes in my collection, but I pulled out the three others I had to make some comparison swatches for you. None are dupes. Still, I think you can find something fairly similar if you really want to.

Top-Bottom; Rimmel 130 Tribute, Chanel Gri-Gri, NARS Lhasa and MAC Satin Taupe.

Gri-Gri isn't that special that you simply must run out and buy it, but I've found it to be of great quality, extremely easy and effortless to use with amazing staying power. I absolutely love Gri-Gri and am very happy I decided to pick it up. I know I will use this one a lot already! If you love this kind of colour and finish I think you'll get a lot of use out of Gri-Gri as well and would definitely recommend picking one up before it's gone!


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