Review: Molton Brown Bath & Shower in 'Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod' and 'Relaxing Yuan Zhi'

I've loved Molton Brown shower gels for a long time and Relaxing Yuan Zhi has been featured in more than one favourites post. There's not many reviews on these in the blogosphere and I know their "just shower gels", but that shower first thing in the morning, or after a really long day, can sometimes make all the difference. The difference to how you start your day, or go to bed feeling ready for the next.

The Molton Brown Bath & Shower products retail for £18.00 on their UK site, € 22.00 on the European and $30.00 on their US site. It's fairly expensive as far as shower products go, but they are marketed as luxury products so that is to be expected.

All of the shower gels come packaged in a nicely sized sturdy plastic packaging containing 300ml/10 fl. oz of product. It comes with a flip cap that's of good quality (not flimsy) and really practical. I love how easy it is to just click, flip and squeeze out the product. You also have nice control over how much comes out so it's easy not to waste product.

The product itself in both of these (and the others I've used) is a bit thicker than many other shower gels. It lathers up really well and a little goes a very long way. You need much less than you think you do, and due to this a bottle can last a very long time.

What wins you over with these products are the amazing scents. 'Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod' is a gorgeous sweet scent with that little bit of spice to make it interesting and a bit more grown up and sexy. I use this in the mornings and it's a really nice way to start the day. The scent is lush, uplifting and girly.

'Relaxing Yuan Zhi' is what I use for my evening showers. The scent is wonderfully soothing and relaxing. It calms down nerves and "reminds" me to take a deep breath and just stop thinking about everything. If I'm really stressed this really helps get my mind to relax so that I'll be able to sleep.

The scent of these are strong, but not in a way that is at all offensive or gives you a headache. They fill the entire shower and bathroom with the scent and it lingers for a while after, which I like. Kind of like a scented candle would.

The only bad thing I have to say about these is they contain Sulphates. Sulphates are in no way dangerous and there's no harm in using them. However, after mostly dropping them from the cleansers I use on my face and noticing the difference I've been wanting to try the same for my body washes as well.

I still think I'll end up going back to these two no matter how thrilled I am with other products as I absolutely adore using them. We'll see. For now they are among my favourites that I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone.



  1. Loved this review.

    I must admit the name 'paradisiac pink pepperpod' had me intrigued from the start! Love a slightly spicy scent.

    Been meaning to try these for a while and now I'm definitley sure which I will pick.


    1. He he it's a good name that's for sure he he!

      Go for it - you'll love them :) x


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