NOTD: Chanel 595 Rouge Moiré

Like I've said in the past; who am I to resist a Chanel red?! It almost can't be done, especially when limited edition. It took me about one second from seeing Rouge Moire for the first time until I grabbed one and headed for the cashier.

Rouge Moiré is part of Chanel's Moiré Le Rouge collection released for Fall 2013. The collection had two polishes; Rouge Moiré and Rose Moiré. I bought both.

Rouge Moiré is a beautiful dark and vampy red with a shimmery finish. No glitter or sparkles - just tremendous shine. It doesn't look that special in the bottle, but once I painted my nails with this - wow!

The colour is amazing. I've never seen a red I'd deem office in-appropriate (except for full on glitter), but this one I'm not even sure of. It's just so incredibly sexy. This polish comes with a hell of a lot of attitude, this is not the polish for anyone that usually sticks to sheer pinks.

It's still Chanel, so while sexy and incredibly on-trend it's still elegant and sophisticated. And that right there is why I keep coming back to Chanel's nail polish offerings. It's that balance they always get just right, and that no one yet seem able to match.

The polish itself applied beautifully - opaque with one coat. A bit uneven so I'd recommend a second. With the second layer is even, streak free and incredibly glossy. I applied using OPI Nail Envy as my base coat and Seche Vite as my top coat.

Rouge Moiré is an incredible colour and has instantly become one of my all-time favourites. I'm even considering getting a back-up. Long-time favourite Chanel's 08 Pirate still has my heart for best red polish, but Rouge Moiré is a serious contender - and that is saying a lot coming from me! I cannot recommend giving this one a look strong enough - and if you can have a try on a nail. Be warned though; you won't be able to leave without it if you do!



  1. This is such a gorgeous colour. I need it.

    Karen x

    1. He he yes you do! It's stunning - I'm considering getting a backup!! x


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