Favourites: September 2013

University certainly doesn't get easier year by year. Not that I was expecting that, that would be silly. But I wasn't expecting to be this stressed this early on. But I am and so beauty this month has been heavy on quick, easy and sticking to a routine. The latter especially when it comes to makeup - I really don't feel like experimenting when I know there won't be time to rectify a mistake. I've also been focusing on a lot of products I want to finish and I'm finally feeling like I'm getting somewhere with those. But this post is about the products I've enjoyed the most through the month of September.

Marc Jacobs - Lola 50ml
This perfume is the last one I bought back when I still had just one perfume, one blush, one moisturiser - you get the picture! It holds a bit of sentimental value for me, which is why the bottle has been almost this exact amount of close to empty for a good while now. I've decided to finish it up though, as I am really set on de-cluttering my life. The scent is a gorgeous elegant one that works for daytime and night time. It's feminine, but without being sweet. It's unfortunately discontinued which is another reason I've not been wanting to finish it, but like I said - it's time to finish it, at least before it goes bad!

MAC - Flamingo Lipstick
This 'Lustre' lipstick was part of MAC's amazing Iris Apfel collection I think two years back, which is when I bought it. It was also re-promoted as part of their All About Orange collection that was pretty recent. It's a gorgeous light bright pink with a bit of "neon-ness" to it which instantly brightens up your face. This has been perfect when I've been feeling decidedly "un-glowing" as the weather's gotten colder and the sun's disappeared.

Cle De Peau - Concealer in Ivory
There's nothing I don't love about this concealer. The packaging is sleek and elegant with that gorgeous blue at the top. The product itself is intensely pigmented, yet blends in so well it looks perfectly natural on. It covers the worst blemishes and the most intense redness and hyper-pigmentation. Waking up to a "surprise" on your face isn't as bad when you know you have this to hide it with.

Clinique - Superdefense SPF 20 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream
I never thought my holy grail eye cream would end up being by Clinique. I never thought my holy grail anything would end up being by Clinique. I'm not sure entirely why, but I've never been too smitten by the brand. Deciding to try this eye cream was mostly on a whim. It had SPF, and quite a good one at 20 plus it was illuminating. It was just the thing I had been searching for! It instantly brightens the eye area when applied plus with long term use I've noticed my eye area looking much healthier - this is down to the SPF I'm sure.

Caudalie - Hands and Nail Cream 75ml
This kind of shouldn't be here as it's not heavy enough for me anymore as my hands get so so dry the second it gets just a little bit cold. The fact that it still is in this post though, speaks about just how wonderful it is still. It's so luxurious. The consistency is so smooth, soft and balm like. It does also moisturise well - more than enough for anyone with "normal hands". It also smells divine.

Nivea - In-Shower Body Milk Skin Conditioner
I think this will be featured in my 2013 Favourites. This stuff is probably the best invention all year. As a person that can not, ever not moisturise after having a shower - using this has been so incredibly nice on busy mornings, or after evening showers when I really just want to get to bed already.

Kevyn Aucoin - The Celestial Powder in Candlelight
You must all be tired of hearing about this highlighter already, so I won't talk your ear off. If your still on the fence though, perhaps I can pull you that last inch over to the perfectly highlighted side. This is just like "they" all say it is. It gives the most subtle and natural glow to your face. It's perfect for daytime highlighting, or a natural look still for evenings. I use it pretty much all the time and have already made a nice little dent since getting it in New York this summer.



  1. The eye cream sounds really great! I've heard so much about that highlighter but the price tag puts me off :( xx

    1. The eye cream really is wonderful and it's Clinique so the price isn't that bad! :) x

  2. I've heard such conflicting reviews on the Nivea In-Shower Moisturiser, I was so excited to try it and then quite a few bloggers said it wasn't worth it!

    Maxine, xx

    1. I was disappointed by it first time I used it, but then realised to apply it like I would a body lotion and leave it to work for about 10 seconds before showering it off - then it works really well (for me at least) :) I know LUSH has something similar to this that you can try though if this one don't work for you! xx

  3. I didn't realise Lola had been discontinued - it's one of those perfumes that holds big sentimental value for me too (a loved one bought it for me for my 21st birthday) so I'll definitely have to repurchase next pay day!

    I so want to try the Celestial powder x


    1. Well it's discontinued in Norway at least, that I know for sure - perhaps not everywhere? I was quite surprised when I found out about it - it's such a lovely perfume :) xx


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