Favourites: October 2013

Apologies are in order for the lack of posts lately as well as October Favourites being incredibly late. I have been ill for almost 4 weeks now and just haven't been able to find the energy. I've decided to push back October Empties until the end of this month as I want to get up posts about the Chanel Holiday collection, the items I purchased at least, so that those of you wanting my opinion on those products can get it while the collection is still available. My exams are coming up which I'm of course nervous but also kind of excited about. Excited because I'm really looking forward to them being over and really enjoying christmas! I'm going to London in the middle of December after exams are done and I am so excited! Sending good luck wishes to everyone else currently rushing to meet deadlines and remembering thousands of pages.

La Prairie - Midnight Rain 50ml
I always return to Midnight Rain in the fall. For me it's one of the most elegant and sophisticated scents I own. It's very simple, and does smell largely of vanilla, but it's still got a few other notes in there to make it special. Perfume enthusiasts will perhaps find it a bit boring, but when I smell it I see a woman with perfectly manicured nails, beige cashmere scarfs and expensive bags.

Diptyque - Feu De Bois 300g Candle
For me, a candle doesn't get any more "cozy" than this. I love to light the fireplace, burn this and get snuggled up on the sofa under a warm blanket with one of my text books. Feu De Bois makes me feel like I'm at one of our cabins in the mountains. It is the exact smell. I used to go a lot especially when I was a child and so the smell reminds me of so many nice memories from that time. Regardless of cabin memories or not - I think everyone that loves a candle with a more "warm" scent will fall in love with this. It's also one to check out if you find a lot of the scented candles give you a headache as Feu De Bois is soothing and not "piercing" at all.

Elizabeth Arden - Eight Hour Cream Fragrance Free Sample 30ml
Like I mentioned I've been sick for the last few weeks and so this little magic balm has served me really well. It's been the only thing to remedy dry lips and my red nose. If you don't already own a tube, you simply must. The next time you get ill and you have this ready sitting in one of your drawers you'll thank me. Promise.

Hourglass - Veil Mineral Primer 30ml
A cult classic that doesn't really need too much of an introduction. All the raves are true, this is one of the best primers I've ever used. It's light on the skin, gives the most flawless base and the white instantly brightens and helps even out skin tone and hide imperfections. Whatever foundation you put on top, I've had no problems with any formulations, performs ten times better and stays on ten times longer.

Chanel - 595 Rouge Moire - click here for review -
I gave this a pretty rave review already, and even now quite a few weeks later the novelty hasn't worn off. I'm still absolutely in love with this gorgeous, gorgeous shade. No matter how many fancy glitters and colours I purchase when it comes to nail polish, reds will always be my favourite. Rouge Moire is a deeper, muted shiny burgundy. One might think it could be a bit tacky with the shiny finish, but it is simply elegant glossy perfection. Not sure if this will still be available as it was limited edition and released for fall, but if you spot it anywhere - get it!

ByTerry - Touche Veloutée
Having been sick for such a long time there is nothing just like a highlighting pen for making you look instantly ten times better. As far as highlighting pens go; there's none like Touche Veloutée in my opinion. It covers and brightens far superior to any other of these pens I've tried - and I've tried a lot of them!



  1. Hi Ellie, I love the La Prairie bottle! I am such a massive fan of candles although I pick most of mine up from Bath and Body Works. I recently had a sample of the Hourglass primer and I wasn't sure, just as I got to like it I ran out!!

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. He he that's so typical, usually happens to me too! I know they sell a much smaller size as well that you could buy if your still not 100% sure! :) x

  2. I LOVE Midnight Rain, I used to spray myself with it after school when I'd walk through the local department store to get the bus home, it's such a shame it's so expensive as the bottle is gorgeous too!

    1. It's such a gorgeous scent - perhaps put it on your christmas wishlist? ;) xx


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