Review: Chanel Joues Contraste Powder Blush in '84 Accent'

As part of their Holiday 2013 Collection 'Nuit Infinie de Chanel' Chanel released a limited edition Joues Contraste called 'Accent'. I wasn't intending on getting it, nor was I even interested at looking at it really. Even with swatches and great reviews online my interest didn't really peak. That was until I saw it in real life. It was so gorgeous I knew instantly I had to have it after all.

Accent comes in typical Joues Contraste packaging - black plastic with the double white C's imprinted on the top. It has a large mirror on the inside of the top lid and a rather useless brush. Personally, I love Chanel packaging. No one does simple yet sophisticated quite like Chanel.

Accent is a hard to explain shade. It swatches very differently than it looks in the pan, and in turn applies differently to both the swatch and pan as well. The best I can think to describe it is a taupe brown/rose shade. It has a lot of glitter that will show up heavily on an arm swatch, yet somehow disappears completely when applied to the cheeks.

Applied to the cheeks Accent gives the most natural glowy flush. It's beautiful on my pale skin, but would most certainly suit any coloring as long as not too dark for it to show up. The taupe tones makes it perfect to apply along the sides of the cheekbones to do a bit of contouring. On my skin it shows up as a rosy glow. I feel this is one of those blushes that will be quite different for the individual that uses it.

In terms of dupes I don't personally have much like Accent in my "collection" except for Nars' Douceur. They are not dupes as Douceur doesn't have much rose tone and is far more brown. On the cheeks though they give a fairly similar effect. If cash is really low and you have Douceur I'd say they are similar enough that you can skip Accent, but if that's not an issue I'd say they are different enough to own both. I certainly don't find one replaces the other, personally.

The Joues Contraste's are different depending on where in the world you live. I have the baked European version, but was still really impressed with the pigmentation on this one. I've applied it mostly using the MAC 168 brush and it's picked up and applied the pigment perfectly. It blends well across the skin and applies evenly.

Lasting power is pretty fantastic. After applying this in the morning it would still be there when it was time to take it off late in the evening, and even looking pretty nice still. Do note that I have a normal to dehydrated skintype so this might vary if you have more oily or dry skin.

Accent is a beautiful, natural and one-of-a-kind blush. I had no intentions of buying it originally, but I am so happy I caved. It's stunning, incredibly easy to use and I've used it everyday since getting it, being equally impressed every time. I highly recommend it, especially for natural makeup lovers. This is as gorgeous as blush can be.



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    1. Already one of my favourite blushes ever! :)

  2. Hi Ellie, like you I had no interest in buying this blush but saw it and was like 'wow'. I'm going to review it on my blog this weekend :) xx

    Stacey Expat Make-Up Addict

    1. He he usually it's the other way around! Looking forward to reading your review on it! :) x


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