Review: Macadamia Haircare Range

As I'm nearing the end of some of my Macadamia products I wanted to write a review on the line. I haven't tried everything from them, but I have tried and used the products above, which are quite a few products still. They are the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, treatment oil with pump and the spray version.


Empties: November 2013

Another month with plenty of empties. I keep thinking next month there won't be as much, but every time I keep having loads. I guess I just use a lot of products for a lot of different things and that's why. Still I'm noticing my "collection" of products, especially body care is getting smaller and that gets me very excited. It's all a lot less overwhelming now and I feel I can appreciate more the things I have without feeling like I need to finish stuff up fast before everything gets too old.


Favourites: November 2013

My favourites for the month of November are all a rather luxe roundup, but an absolute 5 star one. November was a month filled with exams and papers being due and it was nice to not only have amazing products to rely on, but to indulge a bit extra due to the circumstances. I whole-heartedly recommend all of these products to everyone - they are some of my all-time faves!


Empties: October 2013

No this isn't an error, it's just a very late October empties. I decided to delay my empties post for October until after my exams as my empties posts are incredibly time-consuming and I just didn't have a whole 6-7 hours (yes, really) to dedicate to a post when I needed to focus on exams. Here it finally is though, as promised! With my November Favourites and Empties to follow shortly! I have finished my exams for the semester, and quite early, so I'm feeling incredibly lucky getting to really enjoy christmas this year. I hope you are all enjoying December as well!


Review: Chanel Ombres Matalassées de Chanel in 'Charming'

I've always absolutely loved the Chanel 'Ombres Perlées de Chanel' palette that came out with their pearl centred collection a few years ago, Black Pearl Vernis is another favourite from that one. Unfortunately as the palette is so shiny it's not one I get as much use out of as I want and not one I can really use on it's own. I've looked with a keen eye on the Ombres Matalassees Chanel has released since, but none of them have been something I really wanted. Enter 'Charming'. The second I read the release regarding this fantastic mostly matte natural shades palette I knew I had to have it. Decision made, deal done.
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