Review: Chanel Ombres Matalassées de Chanel in 'Charming'

I've always absolutely loved the Chanel 'Ombres Perlées de Chanel' palette that came out with their pearl centred collection a few years ago, Black Pearl Vernis is another favourite from that one. Unfortunately as the palette is so shiny it's not one I get as much use out of as I want and not one I can really use on it's own. I've looked with a keen eye on the Ombres Matalassees Chanel has released since, but none of them have been something I really wanted. Enter 'Charming'. The second I read the release regarding this fantastic mostly matte natural shades palette I knew I had to have it. Decision made, deal done.

Charming is a beautiful palette with four mattes and one shimmery shade. It starts off with a pale beige shade, then a bit darker "taupey" medium brown, a shimmery golden brown, a matte dark brown and finally a purply toned brown.

The pigmentation on these are just so... Chanel. That probably sounds a bit odd. But I find these a bit odd, or at least different, but in a good way! These shadows aren't terribly pigmented, but when applied I find they still give the perfect amount of colour for that understated, elegant makeup look.. Hence my "so Chanel" comment. This is how pigmented you'd want your eyeshadow to be when your going for a natural makeup look. That's not to say they are sheer. You get the colour from the pan on your eye. They are buildable, and if you want something really dark you can always venture over to the further right and add some of those shades.

The shadows apply well, with the nice forementioned pigmentation, in a beautiful thin layer. No "powderyness" here to even think of. There is also no fallout plus they all blend like an absolute dream. There will be no blaming the product now if the eye look doesn't turn out quite right, because these are just begging you to do the work for you.

No surprise, this is an instant favourite of mine. I've used it everyday since getting it only the last few days trying to get back to using some of my other eyeshadows. If you have no eyeshadows, get this. If you have all the eyeshadows and neutral palettes in the world - still get this. It's just a wonderful, useable, perfect palette. And it's Chanel. Which just always make everything that little bit better.



  1. I BOUGHT IT!!! And the blush as well. So happy great recommendation!

    1. He he I knew you'd love it! So happy you got them!! :D x

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! And they are - I really recommend this!

  3. I love this palette! Its such a great one, and the whole Chanel thing never hurt anyone. :)

    1. He he it definitely doesn't hurt that it's Chanel! :D


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