Review: Macadamia Haircare Range

As I'm nearing the end of some of my Macadamia products I wanted to write a review on the line. I haven't tried everything from them, but I have tried and used the products above, which are quite a few products still. They are the shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, treatment oil with pump and the spray version.

First off the Rejuvenating Shampoo and Moisturising Rinse, the latter being the conditioner. This was my first try at a sulphate free shampoo and it was tough getting used to. Having not tried any others it's hard for me to make a comparison - but I will say I wasn't very impressed with this one regardless. I didn't feel like it would clean my hair properly and I always had to go in twice to feel clean at all. The conditioner I also found disappointing. I was expecting it to be a lighter version of the hair mask, but it did nothing more than I've found really cheap conditioners do. The consistency is runny so you need a lot and it barely seems to do anything but coat the hair with something. It doesn't actually do much of anything I think.

The hair oils however are some of my favourite hair products ever. My first try of them was the oil with the pump - the 'Healing Oil Treatment'. It is heavier, but it really does wonderful things to your hair. It treats, moisturises and makes hair shiny, healthy, manageable and just silky smooth. I've used litres of the famous Moroccanoil, but this is miles better than that.

The oil with the spray - the 'Healing Oil Spray' is similar, but much much lighter. Now that my hair is much healthier I find I don't need to sacrifice volume to heavy treatment products and so the lighter oil is absolutely perfect. I spray this into my hands, rub them lightly together and press it into my hair at the ends. It's not as heavy as the oil treatment, and thus not as effective, but it lightly moisturises the hair and leaves it silky smooth as well. Both lovely oils, you just have to pick the one best suited to your hair and your hairs needs.

Finally the famed 'Deep Repair Masque'. This is one of my favourite hair treatments ever. I find I don't get as good results using this just one off, but when using it consistently and nothing else for a while I get better and better results. The only reason I'm using other products is because I have them and want to finish them, if not for that I would just stick to this. This moisturises and repairs any damage to the hair. It also makes hair incredibly soft, smooth and silky. It makes it more manageable, stronger, shiny.. everything good basically. I tend to leave this on for at least an hour personally and like to add some of the oil to the ends while I have it in. I find this works amazing.

In conclusion I really recommend the mask and the oils, not so much the shampoo and conditioner. I was really disappointed in the shampoo and conditioner as I had been so incredibly impressed with the rest of the range I thought for sure I'd love those too. That doesn't mean they are definitely bad though, they might work perfectly for others. They just weren't for me. And it hasn't put me off, I still want to try some of the other Macadamia products, like the leave-in cream as regardless of those two products, this is a really good hair care range.

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  1. Replies
    1. They are both really lovely - absolutely recommend them! :) x

  2. Just like the other person said. Get rid of the spammage!
    jeux concours

    1. what are you talking about, what spammage?

  3. I love Macadamia products. I love the deep repair mask and got the oil for Christmas and I can't wait to try it! Great reviews :)

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. Oh lucky you that's a great present! You'll love it - you got the best products! :D xx

  4. I love these products... No more split ends since I started using them xx
    Antoinette “letterstoa.com

    1. Wow that's really impressive!! :) x


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