Empties: November 2014

Exams finally finished and somehow I've been even more exhausted since. I think all the stress and nerves and not sleeping very well finally caught up to me after it all finished. Fortunately we've had a lovely christmas here. It finally snowed and everywhere is white and beautiful. I've been to dinners and lunches, spending time with family and friends. I've not had too much time to sit down and work on the blog, but I really wanted to stick to getting my november empties up so I've put in ten minutes here and there whenever I've had the chance. Now the post is finally finished so up it goes on christmas eve! So if anyone finds themselves in a moment of boredom perhaps this can be a fun "little" post to read. I hope you are all having a wonderful christmas or holiday season and want to wish you all an amazing new year!


Favourites: November 2014

Apologies for the lack of updates lately. My focus has solely been on preparing for my exams. Additionally, there's barely been sunshine here for almost a month now. Every day is dark and cloudy, which makes taking pictures incredibly difficult. We finally saw the sun peek through yesterday so I grabbed the chance to finally be able to snap some photos for my November Favourites post. Just as I had taken the last picture the sun disappeared and I think it'll be a while until I see it again. When I do I'll start working on the empties post for November! I may end up doing a combined November and December one if there's no sunlight for another few weeks, but now for my November Favourites!


Review: Pai Lotus & Orange Blossom BioAffinity Skin Tonic

I picked up the Pai BioAffinity Skin Tonic on a bit of a whim when I was visiting Dublin this September. I was re-purchasing Pai's infamous Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil, now a firm favourite of mine, and decided to try something else from the brand and settled on something I actually needed; a new toner.


Review: Hand Chemistry Extreme Hydration Concentrate

Hand Chemistry is a brand that is fairly new to me. It's sold in Boots, and Lookfantastic that I know of and my impression is that it's pretty popular over in England. The brand has a very small selection of products, where each product seems to have been created with a lot of care and purpose. When I had the opportunity to test the Extreme Hydration Concentrate version of their hand creams I jumped at the chance. And who better to put this properly to the test than a girl with very dry hands, in Norway, in winter time?


Review: Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder

The last time Chanel released a limited edition highlighter, it was the now infamous 'Poudre Signe de Chanel'. I was on a bit of a no-buy kick and decided I didn't need a highlighter, no matter how pretty it was. Which was by all means true, and still is today. Even so, I must admit that as much as I've ever regretted not buying anything limited edition - this would be the one I've regretted the most. Especially as it keeps coming up in favourites posts and instagram pictures constantly. So when I saw the first pictures of Camelia de Plumes I knew I was definitely going to get it. No regrets this time, and definitely worth it!


Favourites: October 2014

Fall is finally here! And with it a whole lot of cold weather and the snow keeps attempting it's grand entrance. It's still not gathering once it hits the ground, but if we're gonna have the cold weather might as well have the snow, so hopefully soon! I've been burning scented candles, going through even more hand cream than usual and hitting the books. Exams are just around the corner, but I'm not that stressed about it and am just really looking forward to christmas, as usual. I think it just might be my favourite time of the year!

I've been doing a project I've decided to call the "Christmas Challenge" where I've rounded up all of my red lipsticks and nail polishes and am attempting to use them all by the end of the year. The lip products are going quite well, but the nail polishes will be a bit (a lot) more of a challenge. Let me know if you'd like to see any posts on this - if not, I have to say it's quite fun and absolutely recommend it if anyone would like to have a go as well! Now for my favourites for October!


Empties: October 2014

I told you this was going to be massive! My "empties bag" was close to full already just one week into the month, and I've had to put things next to it the last few weeks as it was absolutely overflowing. I considered making this a two-parter like I've done once before, but while it's going to be a long one I'm gonna do it all in one big post. So get that tea, or cup of coffee ready and let's do this.


Products I Want To Use Up: Update #3

It's been about three months since my last update, so I thought it was about the right time to do another one. Especially as I've finished quite a few products! I also wanted to get started on a couple of new ones in decent time before the year ends. To compare the two posts and see my progress, or if you haven't read the last update you can go here.


Review: Chantecaille 15 Year Anniversary Eyeshadow Palette

Before we say anything, let's all just take a moment and appreciate just how beautiful this palette is. There are more important things in the world than makeup, of course, but when you delve into the makeup world there truly aren't many brands quite as well executed all around as the ever wonderful Chantecaille. This palette proves it.


Review: Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara

Guerlain is a brand that impresses me over and over. Everything I've ever bought from them I've absolutely loved. When they released their new mascara 'Maxi Lash' last year I received a sample and was immediately very impressed. So much so that I decided to buy the full-size.


Review: Omorovicza Queen of Hungary Mist

Omorovicza is a fantastic brand. I love everything about it. Their products have really good ingredients, and none of the bad ones, packaging is simple but super luxe. They have a smaller, but really nice selection of products and everything I've tried has been absolutely positively amazing. I've written a few Omorovicza reviews on the blog already, but figured it was high time I finally wrote a small piece on their probably most famous product; the Queen of Hungary Mist!


Review: Tom Ford Eye Primer Duo

I'm starting to have a pretty big amount of Tom Ford products in my collection, but realised recently that I haven't reviewed most of them. I figured if I was going to start rolling out Tom Ford reviews, I might as well start with the newest addition. I've been keen to try the Eye Primer Duo for ages, but wanted to wait until I had finished all my other eye primers. I finally bought it this summer as I had the end of my 'Painterly' in sight, and have been using it every day for the past month.


Favourites: September 2014

The past month has been weird in the makeup department. It was fall, but not quite fall yet, so it was a bit confusing what colours felt right. I've been kind of back and forth between fall and summer colours depending on if the sun was shining or not. Through switching colours there were still a few staples I stuck to for the most part, and those are the items I will be talking about today. You may have noticed, I don't have any skincare this month. This is simply because I've written about all of the items I loved this month quite recently. The star skincare item I would have to say was La Mer. I went back to using it every night and my skin has been wonderful for it. Now for the makeup and a very special perfume.


Empties: September 2014

Sorry for the picture seeming kind of flipped to the side. I didn't think of making the products face the way I would be taking the picture, rather than where I was standing when laying them out. Quite silly of me, but lesson learned! For now, if you don't mind tilting your head to the side! September has been a long month. I've gone from having just started school to starting to plan for exams already. There's also been a few personal things, a funeral, but a lot of nice experiences as well. I went to Dublin for a long weekend, which was very nice. I did a bit of shopping, eating, and visiting. I'm also a bit in "spring-cleaning" mode, or fall-cleaning as it would be. I've been clearing out closets, really trying to use body and hair care products up.. I always get this way in the fall, instead of spring. I think it might be because I still see the "new year" as starting in the fall.. I know it doesn't technically, but as a student it just makes more sense. However, this is supposed to be about empties and not my cleaning habits, so I'll shut up now and move onto the quite a few products I got through the last month!


Finish 5 By Fall Finale!

This whole thing has been a bit of a fail for me. First of all I didn't choose products all that wisely - as in I didn't really finish anything. Then I managed to accidentally delete the pictures I had taken for my monthly update. By the time I realised it was already about a week into september and I thought I might as well wait until the end. Then I did make a lot of progress in the time after and realised I should've still taken the pictures, but at that point it was really too late. Oh well, I'll take you through the progress I've made and there's a bit of reflection at the end.


Review: La Mer The Powder

Following my infatuation with the La Mer moisturiser, and then the lip balm it was only fitting I move on to their makeup line. 'The Powder' gets a good amount of raves on youtube, and I see it featured in many Instagram photos, but haven't seen too many full blog reviews on it. I thought I'd change that, and if you've read my other La Mer reviews, yes this is another rave..


Empties: August 2014

Another month, another empties post. This month I didn't finish a ton of stuff, at least compared to how much I usually finish. I have, however, finished a whole lot just the first few days of September so it's already looking like my September Empties post will be a bit of a legendary one. For now, however, I'll get on with a few short reviews and thoughts on the products I did finish in August.


Review: Clarins Instant Definition Mascara

Having previously been very impressed with the few Clarins' mascaras I had tried I was very excited to try their Instant Definition Mascara. I find the Clarins mascaras barely get any mention in the online beauty community and was excited to be trying a mascara without any preconceptions. Unfortunately, sometimes when there's no mention of a product it's because no one's had anything nice to say..


Favourites: August 2014

August has been a long month. We've gone from full-on summer to colder fresh fall winds by the end. I went to Rome for a week, started school and then finally rounded it all up by getting the flu. I've officially been knocked out for a week and I feel horribly stressed by everything I've got to do to catch up, but I'm sure I'll be alright soon enough. If you were wondering why there was a lack of updates on the blog, now you also know why. Through the changing weather and daily routines I've switched out a lot of products, but a few items have been used solidly from beginning til end and those are the ones I will be sharing with you today.


Review: Ren Vita Mineral Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream

This is a review of a cream that I absolutely adore. REN is a brand I've come to trust as every product I've tried has not only been good, but gone beyond the expectations I have. Their products have fair price points, hygienically packaged and with a clear list of the main ingredients in each products with information about what each of them actually does. There's never any wild claims, but the claims they make they always deliver on. Vita Mineral is no different.


Review: Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit

Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit is a product I've been meaning to write about for a long time. It's been a staple in my collection since getting it, quite some time ago. Benefit has changed the packaging since I got mine, but the product is still the same - and for once, that's a really good thing.


Review: Armani Maestro Foundation

After being so impressed with Armani's Lasting Silk UV Foundation ( review ) last summer to the point where it has become my favourite foundation, I've been very curious about exploring the brand further. This has of course included trying more of the brand's foundation offerings. I've now tried almost all of them, but the one I will be reviewing first is the very popular Maestro Foundation. I see this mentioned a lot in Favourites Posts and pictured on Instagram, but it's still quite a peculiar and different foundation with it's dry oil base and dropper, so I figured the Maestro would be a good one to start with.


Collab: 5 Current Skincare Favourites with Megan

Me and my friend Megan over at MegsMakeup8 decided we wanted to do a collaboration post/video. We decided I would do a post on the blog, and she would make a video about our five current skincare favourites. I want to stress current and the point that this is just 5 of a lot more. This especially as I will admit having quite a problem choosing just five products. Anyone that's followed my blog for a while knows I'm quite skincare obsessed, and just now looking at this post there's so many products I can't believe I didn't include. None the less - these are indeed five of my current skincare must-haves! One thing they all have in common are that I will re-purchase (some of them for the third or forth time) when they finish - probably even way in advance!


Products I Want To Use Up: Update #2

This post is so so overdue. I meant to update you on my progress ages ago, but each time I was so close to finishing another product I wanted to wait, and then that happened again and again. Finally I decided it was time for an update, mostly as I've finished almost everything, but then none of my pictures would turn out the way I liked - I've realised since I think my camera had a bit of a heatstroke with the heat we've been having here. I've also realised it's hard to make a whole lot of empty and well-used products look very beautiful, so we will all have to just look past that, and focus on the true objective of these posts; to finish up products!


Review: Omorovicza Balancing Moisturiser

I've been having quite the love affair with Omorovicza products lately. I've always had my eyes on the brand, and tried a good few of their products last year (and loved all of them). I've wanted to clear out my backups before delving into the undoubtedly expensive brand, and as I've finally managed to clear out most of my clutter I figured it was the right time to treat myself. Of course it didn't hurt (or help matters, depending on how you look at it) that I got a sample of this last month that made a massive impact with just two days use. Like I said in my empties - I almost didn't have a choice on wether or not to buy this - it was just too good!


Tag: Finish 5 By Fall

A really great new tag has been making the rounds on youtube recently. It's called the 'Finish 5 by Fall' tag and it's basically just about choosing 5 products to finish by September 22. The lovely Megan, who has one of my favourite youtube channels, (see her video here) tagged me and I'm really excited to do this! I'v been contemplating doing some kind of project pan or spending ban lately, but not felt quite up for any of them. This however felt like the perfect kind of challenge!


Review: Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream

I've been sticking to cleansing creams as my morning cleanse for a good while now. I've loved my Aesop Cleansing Cream and stuck to that for a long time, but did finally decide I wanted to venture out and try some of the other offerings out there. I got this new cleanser by Clarins as a gift a little while back and so naturally I moved on to this when I finished my Aesop tube a few months back.



Empties: July 2014

July flew by way too quickly! As I mentioned in my July Favourites post, I've travelled a few times this month and also mainly been on holiday. I've taken samples with me on the trips that I've mostly thrown away. The deluxe samples I took back with me, but they are still not finished so not in this post either. This means I've got a bit less stuff than usual, but I think next month might be a big one. Now, for the products I finished this month.


Favourites: July 2014

July has been an amazing month! The weather in Norway has been absolutely perfect - warm and not a cloud in the sky! I've had holidays for most of the month and have spent the time with family and my boyfriend. I've travelled a bit, but also stayed home and enjoyed doing nothing. The month has been fun in terms of makeup, somewhat surprisingly. I picked up a few new items in Berlin, and since getting back, that have all met expectations, or beyond.


Review: Chanel Les 4 Ombres Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow in 226 Tisse Rivoli

As much as I love Chanel, the one thing that never tempted me was their eyeshadows - at least the European version available over here. I went through a few quads in my teenage years when I was considerably less sceptical, but after getting more "serious" about makeup the powdery and almost invisible baked formula wasn't on my wish list. Imagine then my excitement when Chanel finally re-formulated their eyeshadows and released 8 beautiful new quads this spring.


Review: Creme De La Mer The Lip Balm

You all know my love affair with the infamous Creme de La Mer by now (I just bought another tub), but another product from the brand I'm just as in love with is their equally famous and raved about lip balm.


Review: Aesop Fabulous Face Oil

As a lot of you may know, Aesop is one of my favourite brands. I love everything about them. The products, the gorgeous scents of them, the stores, the packaging, and the prices are pretty affordable too. At least compared to the likes of La Prairie, La Mer, Omorovicza and so on. One of the first things I actually got from Aesop last year was their famous Fabulous Face Oil and as I'm just now reaching the bottom of the bottle, I figured it was right about the time to write a review.


Review: Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra

No matter how much I try to embrace my pale, I just can't help but long for tanned, bronzed glowing skin! Especially now during the summer months! I've still kept at it with my daily SPF 50, but have had a bit of a love affair with self-tanners the past few weeks. As much as I love the look of self-tanning, it's undoubtedly a lot of hassle, and it never lasts long enough, at least not on my face! So for those other days, when my pale face makes it's return, I have been depending on this hero product, the Tom Ford Bronzing Powder in Terra, to give me a healthy glow - and wow has it delivered. I said it in my June favourites, and I'll say it here again; I think I can safely say now that this is my all-time favourite bronzer!


Review: Dior 5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 734 Grege

An oldie, but a goodie! I figured it was as good a time as any to finally write up a review on one of my favourite palettes. This has been my travelling companion on many occassions and while I've gotten many beautiful neutral leaning palettes and quads since getting this, Grege is still a staple I return to time and time again.


Empties: June 2014

June was a good empties month in the makeup department. I finally finished a blush I've been working on for ages, and also decided enough was enough with some other makeup items that I realised were irritating my skin. Since getting rid of them I've noticed my skin has been much better. I also finished a few products I love, so that was a bit sad, but there were also some new finds through samples that I've now purchased which is really exciting.


Review: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre New Moon

I know I’m quite late to the party on this one, and it’s sold out almost everywhere by now, but I still wanted to write up a quick review as I’ve come to love this little glitter pot so very very much.



Favourites: June 2014

Sorry for being a little late with my June Favourites, but I've been travelling a bit the last few weeks and simply didn't have time to sit down and make a post until now. I've been on two shorter trips to Copenhagen and Berlin, plus one of our cabins here in Norway. I've bought quite a few beauty bits lately and will have some really exciting products to review for you! But that's in the future, now for the past and what I've been loving for the month of June!



Review: LING Hi-Vitamin C 12% Anti-Oxidant Brightening Solution

With all the Vitamin C serums I've tried over the past few years I will admit a lot of them, while good, felt pretty much the same. Though I still love Vit C serums, I found it harder to get super excited about finding new ones as they were all promising and giving more or less the same results, except for a few twists and tweaks. Then I came across Ling's Vitamin C serum. It promised to help even skin tone and heal scars (like most vit c serums), but also to boost collagen production and help kill acne bacteria. A serum that would rid marks from past blemishes, whilst preventing new ones - all at the same time?! This was a whole new kind of Vitamin C serum for me and into my cult beauty basket it went!


Review: Indeed Labs Hydraluron

After all the hype surrounding this hydrating serum by Indeed Labs I of course wanted to try it. Unfortunately it wasn't available here for a while, but when it finally launched at Boots here in Norway I was one of the first to pick it up.


Review: Guerlain Meteorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer

Last year I received a generous sample of the Guerlain Meteorites Perles primer which I brought with me on my trip to New York. I'd never tried any Guerlain primer before, nor had I considered them to be honest. It was the end of June/beginning of July, and New York was unbelievably sunny, hot and dry. Somehow though, my makeup stayed put and looked nice from early morning until evening. I put it down to this primer and the Urban Decay De-Slick. Once I arrived home, I purchased the full size immediately.


Review: Tata Harper Replenishing Nutrient Complex

I've mentioned this oil serum before and even featured it in a favourites post. I received what seemed to be a tiny sample of this last summer. It lasted a surprisingly long time, and I instantly fell in love with it. I ordered the full-sized product not long after the sample finished.


Review: Dior Bronze Beautifying Protective Suncare SPF 50

While I've been really happy with my Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defense, and did re-purchase, I was really keen to try something else as well. Dior's sunscreen has always intrigued me, if for nothing else the beautiful scent it has. It also was the only sunscreen the store I went to had available in SPF 50, so home with me it came.



Review: Oribe Signature Moisture Mask

When I last went to buy a new hair mask I knew I wanted to try one by Oribe, but I wasn't sure which one. Following the success of the Shampoo and Conditioner "For Beautiful Color" I thought I was going to try the accompanying mask, but got talked into the 'Signature Moisture Mask' instead. I wasn't a hundred percent sure I'd made the right decision as I left the store, but was excited to try the mask nonetheless.


Empties: May 2014

This month I finished quite a few skincare staples and some items that I've been working on for a while. I also decided to get rid of a few more nail polishes and some lip products. It's funny how hard it used to be for me to let go of products about a year back, yet now it just gets easier and easier. There's also some makeup items in this post from my 14 Products to Use Up in 2014 project which is always especially exciting!


Review: Creme De La Mer

Ah Creme de La Mer. This is a product that needs no introduction. We've all heard the raves from countless celebrities and otherwise fabulous people I'm sure a lot of us look up to and admire. On the other hand, we've all also heard the sobering reviews from skin care enthusiasts claiming the ingredients list totes nothing special at all and we're all just victims to a very clever marketing ploy. With so many conflicting opinions, and at such far ends of the spectrum, it's hard to know what to think. I concluded this was one I simply had to try myself, and so I did.


Favourites: May 2014

I've finally finished my exams for this year and so I'm back to blogging. May was a really fun month for me in terms of makeup and skincare. I've stuck to the same skincare routine pretty consistently and my skin has been amazing as a result. Makeup wise I haven't been doing anything too fancy as I've spent most of my time studying, but we've had really good weather so getting to use some brighter colours again has been a lot of fun.


Review: Dior Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara

Since Dior's New Look Mascara was such a disappointment I can't say my interest was high to try the Overcurl Mascara when it was released. Even though I kept hearing great things, I've been so smitten with Chanel and YSL's new releases; Le Volume De Chanel and Babydoll. Luckily I was given the Overcurl Mascara as a gift to try, because otherwise I might have never tried it - and that would have been a shame as this is one seriously fantastic mascara!


Review: Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate

I got this serum last year after finishing my bottle of Estee Lauder's Advanced Night Repair. With all the hype that surrounds this I really wanted to try it, and with it being an overnight repair type serum it seemed a natural replacement for my Estee Lauder as I wanted to try something new.


Review: Oribe Shampoo and Conditioner For Beautiful Color

After buying Oribe's Dry Texturizing and Apres Beach Sprays last summer and being seriously impressed by them I knew I wanted to try some more products from the luxurious range. I bought the Shampoo and Conditioner For Beautiful Color back in December and it's one of the best purchases I've ever made. At least in terms of haircare.


Empties: April 2014

I finished a bit less this month of actual empties, but I did get rid of a good amount of stuff to make up for it. I can not tell you how much better I'm feeling after getting rid of more and more stuff. Each time after I've gone through my collection and decided to just give up on stuff I don't like, my shoulders feel a little bit lighter. My makeup "collection" will probably never be small, but I will definitely keep aiming for a more streamlined and smaller one, with only products that make me excited about using them.
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