Haul: My picks from the Spring 2014 Collections

I feel like I've made a fairly modest selection of the spring collections this year, picking just a few items. I was very proud of myself for skipping on the Chanel nail polishes this year, but I did test Tapage at the store and upon arriving home having looked at it all day.. I think I'll definitely end up going back for it after all. For anyone curious about the polish I have a picture of how it looks on my nails in the post as well.

First out is my only Dior pick, and it's a nail polish. I don't usually buy Dior nail polishes. Even when I really, really like them which I a lot of times end up regretting. For instance 'Galaxie' from the Mystic Metallics collection this past fall. I usually try to stick to Chanel polishes as I like how it looks with all of the polishes being the same brand. This time around though, I just couldn't skip Porcelaine. I'm not even really sure why, but here it is in all it's glory. I will be posting a review of it as soon as I can get myself to remove Tapage..

My first Illusion D'Ombre! Quite unbelievable! I recently looked through my cream shadow "collection", and with many of them being half dry I swore I was going to be a lot more picky with cream eyeshadow purchases in the future and try not to have too many at once. I certainly wasn't going to buy any new ones for a while.. Enter 'Implusion'. But this is a bit of a different purchase. Since getting the 'Ombres PerlĂ©es De Chanel' quite a few years ago, and loving the pink shade I always said I would buy it if they ever released anything else like it. And sure enough, 'Implusion' is very very close. I simply couldn't pass on it.

I also got two new Glossimers - '178 Sonate' and '179 Murmure'. I love Glossimers, especially the cream finish ones. These also have a bit of pigmentation to them as well, which I love in a gloss.

Lastly I have a semi-awkward picture of Tapage. Keep in mind this was applied quickly to my nails without a base coat. I did apply a top coat - Dior's Apricot Top Coat. Tapage is here applied with only one coat! That's amazing! Yes, I will definitely have to make a trip back today.. Typical. Like I've said plenty of times before: Who am I to try and resist a Chanel red?

I will say that the Spring collections somewhat disappointed me this year. I just feel like it's all a bunch of stuff we've all seen before. For now I'm skipping the rest, except for Tapage, and am looking forward to amazing summer collections. I know Chanel are going to be releasing a few polishes I definitely like the sound of. Guerlain always have some amazing if not makeup then at least body care stuff. Lastly Dior will be releasing some new matte bronzers which is very exciting as I really really prefer my bronzers matte. Oh and also - a massive heads up! Dior will be re-vamping their entire nail polish line. Some colours will stay (best sellers), but a lot will be "left behind" so if there's a colour you've always had your eye on, but never got around to buying - now is the time!



  1. Love the eye shadow and the nail polish.


    1. Me too! I'm really enjoying the lighter colours

  2. That cream shadow looks so perfect, I think I might get it too :) x

    1. Oh it is! I used it today for the first time and it's so gorgeous and has the most beautiful sparkle to it! :D x

  3. Great picks! :) I haven't picked out too much from the new spring collections yet.. some products look really interesting, but I haven't been too wowed by many spring collections as well!


    1. Yeah I think for me personally it's a combination of being very aware of how much I've got already + feeling like it's just always the same stuff over and over again.. These things I picked felt different to anything I have though :) Very, very happy with all of them so far so if you end up considering any of these I highly recommend them! :) x


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