Review: Clarins Multi-Blush in '02 Candy'

In 2013 we saw a lot of the higher end brands finally releasing their own versions of the continuously more popular cream blush category. One brand yet to make their mark on the cream blush market was Clarins, but with their 'Opalescence' collection for Spring 2014 they're revealing their 'Multi-Blush'. I received the shade '02 Candy' a few months back and will be sharing my thoughts on the new product just in time for it's release.

So far the 'Multi Blush' line consists of four shades; 01 Peach, 02 Candy, 03 Grenadine and 04 Rosewood. It is unclear from the information I've been able to gather if this is a permanent new product, or a limited edition item. I would make an educated guess that this is going to be sticking around, but that is just a guess! Even with it being permanent it could be that not all of the colours will be, but with only four shades so far I would make another guess that all the colours are here to stay as well, for now at least.

The blush comes in nice signature Clarins packaging. It's a neat, clean gold compact with just a tiny "c" at the edge of the top and with the shade name and information written on a sticker placed on the bottom. I really like the small size of the compact which makes it easy to take with you for touch-ups later in the day. Something I find more of a need for when wearing a cream blush in comparison with powder blushes.

The blush itself has a very interesting consistency. It is very smooth and creamy to the touch in the pan, but when blending it across your cheeks it instantly turns into a dry powdery consistency - think silicones (Phenyl Trimethicone is indeed the very first ingredient listed). It blends very nicely across the cheeks with no harsh lines or edges. It also dries down to a completely matte finish.

I'm going to be completely honest with you; I don't like it. Let it be known though, that I don't usually get along with any cream blushes. I love my Nars Penny Lane but that's the only one I've ever really enjoyed. This, just as most other cream blushes, ends up looking a bit patchy on my skin. I have a few red marks from past blemishes I'm trying to wish away that this blush only accentuates. I also feel it makes whatever foundation and concealer I put underneath - disappear! I feel like this goes very well on top of perfect skin, or perhaps a different skin colour. It could be down to the particular shade - all I know is this just makes me look like I have redness on my cheeks, the kind you don't want. If I build up the pigment from the blush It can cover whatever imperfections are underneath, but then I am left with a lot of pink blusher on my cheeks and that's not a look I personally enjoy.

Though Candy in particular perhaps isn't the best match for me, it should be a very wearable shade. It's a very natural shade of pink that most people can probably wear. It applies ok with fingers, but I much prefer using the Real Techniques Stippling Brush. In the picture above you see the blush heavily swatched on my hand, and below blended out.

There's not a whole lot of colour to these blushes, or at least 02 Candy which admittedly is the only colour I've tried. It gives a very natural look, but if you want to build it up I find it doesn't look all that nice. I still much prefer my favourite cream blush by NARS; Penny Lane and I see myself trying another colour from that line before expanding on this one. But that's down to personal preference - something I think is a very big factor with cream blushes. Much more so than powder blushes they really work good or less so depending on your skin type, so do keep that in mind.

In conclusion I don't think this is a blush I will be using much, but I think that's down to me not really being a cream blush girl. Those of you that has barely touched a powder blush in years might find this entirely different than me. I also think the shade wasn't the best for my skin tone and it's not the one I would've chosen myself. Limited edition or not all of the shades will be available Internationally in February.



  1. gorgeous packaging and color! The packaging alone would have lured me into buying that product! Too bad it wasn't the best :( I was never a fan of cream blushers that dry down.. I wish all cream blushers could be creamy and lovely and still manage to last on my skin! That would be this dry skinned gal's dream come true! haha

    Great post!


    1. Thank you! He he that's the exact same problem I have with most of them! It's a shame yes as it looks like an absolute stunner in the pan! At least I still have my Penny Lane cream blush that I love, I only really need one cream blush anyway :) xx

  2. Shame you didn't get on with it as it does look like a really pretty shade! I never got on with cream blushers until I tried the Bourjois ones.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

    1. Yeah it's a shame, but at least I've got my Nars cream blush that I love! :) xx


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